Each of the apps reviewed by this site is judged to be useful or helpful. That may vary from everyday to occasional use. Occasional use does not mean the app is lacking, it just means that you may not have the need to open it every day.   I review a lot of apps that don’t make the cut for this site.  If I wouldn’t recommend them to a friend, I don’t review them.

Most app review sites are 60 – 70% dedicated to games. You will find some games reviewed on this site, but not many. If you are a gamer then your iPhone or iPad will give you hours of delight. I’m sure you already know the sites to check to get the latest news on apps. If you are like me, the apps you enjoy most are the ones that help enhance or organize your life.

When I first got an iPhone I had no idea how it was going to change my life. I admit I thought it was a toy – a cool toy – but still a toy. Thanks to the apps on my phone I stay in touch with top news stories, am more connected to friends and take advantage of numerous opportunities to organize my life.

And now, it’s not just an iPhone in my life – there is an iPad. I’ll be comparing the apps on both devices and bringing out positives and negatives with each.  Okay… there aren’t many negatives in my mind.

I am not paid by the developers to review apps.  I do sometimes receive codes that allow me to download the apps for free. I might also receive compensation from advertisers if you choose to follow a link from my site to theirs.