Best Dating Apps 2020

A smartphone or tablet helps not only kill time but also quickly make new friends when used correctly. Mobile applications will especially help shy people who don’t believe in themselves and rarely talk to strangers. Thanks to the easy communication format on interesting topics, you can attract interesting and enthusiastic people. And this is an additional source of motivation and a good mood. So, what are thebest free dating apps to meet single Russian women?

Best dating apps for 2020

Loneliness is not the best condition of a person. If you don’t have a soulmate yet, then don’t worry or despair, it is better to use the Internet to start a more active search for someone who may become the love of your whole life. Here we have the top free dating apps:

  1. Meetup

This is called one of the best dating apps. In this application, you can learn how to cook, dance, play board games, and find other activities with people with the same interests. There are communities of fans of reading, outdoor activities, fitness, owners of dogs and cats, groups for finding contacts in the professional sphere, communities for those who have recently moved to a city, and support communities. Everyone can feel better and achieve their goals, whether participating in a marathon, building a career or playing the drum kit. Any tasks can be solved much easier if a person has a “support group” – people who can praise, direct, give practical advice, as well as say important words: “You will succeed,” “You can.” We often seek such support from relatives, but other people can give it. The mobile application has to help quickly find like-minded people in the right field and, most importantly, you can find your soulmate this way.

  • Tinder

Even though this one of the best free dating apps for iPhone, it helps not only in finding a couple. If you are not looking for a relationship, then using the service, you can simply chat with new people and expand the circle of friends with whom you will have fun, travel and enjoy pleasant communication. To make acquaintance in this application, you don’t even need to start a dialogue. It is enough to “like” a photo and if an interlocutor is also interested, immediately start communication. Everything is built on the basis of mutual interest and attraction. With a targeted search, it is quite easy to find a couple, and continue communication through other instant messengers or immediately arrange a personal meeting. You need to understand that a serious relationship can also begin from this moment.

  • Yep!

We can’t be joyful 99% of the time, life is so arranged. Periodically, we fall into apathy, feel lonely and this is normal. But if the bad mood has become constant, you need to do something. For starters, you can try to communicate with an interesting person. Walk, sport, lunch, coffee – whatever you choose, Yep! will find you a friend. The best free dating app is focused on meetings “here and now”, so your offer is valid only an hour. This is enough to find a person with similar interests and arrange a meeting. This format is perfect if you are sad and want to quickly cheer up. A new acquaintance is best suited for this.

  • Teamo

In its database, there are more than 14 million user profiles of different ages, a wide variety of professions and interests. In addition to the site, the Teamo application was developed for the convenience of users. It allows you to always stay in touch, receive new messages and notifications at any time. Teamo is one of the best free hookup apps that simplifies the process of transition from a first meeting to building a serious relationship. The program itself has several revolutionary solutions that distinguish it from other services. Here you don’t need to fill out long and uninteresting questionnaires because the program will fill it out for you. How will it do it? Based on a small psychological test, which Teamo recommends all new users to pass. The interface is simple, at the same time, very functional. Any users will be able to use the Teamo application even if it is the first time on such resources.

  • OkCupid

The thing is that this one of the good free dating apps and it has a simple and, at the same time, extremely complex algorithm. Here you will not need to immediately look through hundreds of profiles and blindly wonder if you are suitable for each other. First, you will be asked to answer a few questions. They can be very different. And the more honest you answer them, the higher the chance to find the perfect match. When you answer all the questions, distribute them according to the degree of importance, and the algorithm will finally find you a match. At the top of the list will be those who suit you 90% or more, and below those who are not very suitable. The ranking depends on how people answered the questions and in what order they were placed. The more similar answers you have, the higher the compatibility.

Scammers in dating apps

The number of victims of scammers in the field of Internet dating is growing, and the total amount of cash loss is estimated in millions of dollars each year. Typically, the target of the attackers is people belonging to different demographic groups, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, preferred dating sites, and so on. No one is immune from this kind of scam.

Scammers skillfully manipulate, play on the feelings of a user who has not had a relationship for a long time or had no experience with dating sites. They skillfully lie. They write and speak in beautiful, unusual words. Scammers know how to embellish the truth so much that you will believe every word. For them, the main thing is to quickly transfer communication to messengers so as not to write phrases that the system already knows on a dating site. Standard messages are immediately blocked. “I need help for a sick mother; there is a war and there is no money; in our small town, we can’t find work and have nothing to eat; a child needs medicine, I will definitely give you money back” – these and other phrases are most often used by scammers. The goal is to make them empathize and lure money from a naive user.

What to consider when choosing a dating app

There are many the most popular dating apps for iPhone and Android. Therefore, the majority installs several applications at once on their smartphone, and then they wait when one of the apps finds a perfect match. But there is no sense in such an approach: all these applications are not much different from each other. Only the right approach matters.

  1. Be sure to pay attention to the design features of the app

… its navigation, titles, and content sections. If the app is too bright, has an annoying design, if you can’t understand its navigation and don’t understand the meaning of most of the sections, better delete it and find a better option. The same applies to poorly filled resources, where some of the links simply don’t work. And, of course, this applies to virtual dating apps that are so overwhelmed with advertising that it becomes difficult and unpleasant to use them. 

  • Pay attention to the registration process

If a mobile phone is requested during account activation, this means that your data is protected. The ability to use all the functions without buying premium accounts will be a good bonus in the application. This will save you from unnecessary expenses and the quality of the services provided will not be lower than on paid services.

  • Use apps that are used by many people

This is another important criterion, but don’t fall into the trap of those applications where users look like movie stars. Usually, this is a fake for luring money for a subscription and bots chat with people there. The percentage of blank accounts and too short messages will be lower in those applications where high demands are placed on filling out profiles and pre-moderation or censorship of messages is used.

  • Check if the feedback from moderators is quick

Unfortunately, there are many free messaging dating apps on which it is impossible to defend against rudeness, the vulgarity of users, indecent offers and even threats, since moderators of the portal don’t listen to their customers and don’t block intruders. It is not necessary to expect pleasant communication in such cases.

  • Read reviews

When choosing a dating app, it’s not enough to read the description of the service and see the profiles. Those who want to build a serious relationship also need to study the reviews about dating apps with real stories of people that will help see the resource from the inside and make the right choice. It is the positive reviews that help sites increase their ranking and get into the TOP.

So, what is the best free dating app? There are at least 5 of them. Some resources are intended only for easy communication, on others – you can find a man or woman of your dreams. Some apps offer serious dating, some – only relaxed flirting or dating for married. It all depends on what goal you set for yourself.