Use a Photo Instead of a Search Word With CamFind

Total Score:  29.5

CamFind allows you to take a photo of something to find out more about it.  That sounds simple when you try an object like an iPod.  You get the expected results, what it is, where you can buy it (relative to where you are) , product reviews and general info.  That is impressive, but nearly as impressive as taking a picture of a flower or a building around you and having it respond, fairly quickly, with everything you would want to know about it.  CamFind delivers amazing results and is likely to settle a bar bet or two.  Continue reading “Use a Photo Instead of a Search Word With CamFind”

Home Décor On Your iPad With Lowe’s and Home Depot Apps

Total Score:   29

  Would you like to give your home a new look?  Do you buy home decorating magazines to spark ideas?  If the answer to either question is yes, then you will enjoy both the Home Depot Style Guide and Lowe’s Creative Ideas apps.  Yes, Lowes and Home Depot are trying to sell you something.  But is that a bad thing?  Most do it yourself types already shop at one or both of these stores.   I recommend getting both.  Each offer great ideas for your home and there is no such thing as too much inspiration. Continue reading “Home Décor On Your iPad With Lowe’s and Home Depot Apps”

Walmart’s App Offers you Savings Opportunities

Total Score:  28.5

  The Walmart iPad and iPhone app are helpful additions if you are a Walmart shopper.  They provide you the opportunity to browse what’s available online, and then check to see if it is in your local store.  It’s a full featured app that allows you to create grocery lists, order prescriptions and generally explore their stores.

Continue reading “Walmart’s App Offers you Savings Opportunities”

Expect More – and Get it – With Apps

Total Score:  28.5

Target is one of my favorite stores.  I can always find what I need, and at a good price.  There is a store within a decent driving distance and they have a good selection of products with my preferred brands.  And, of course, they sell a lot of things so I can combine the effort of shopping at several stores with the convenience of finding what I need in one place.  This isn’t a commercial for Target, this is to acknowledge that having the Target iPhone or iPad app can save you time and help you make the most of your trips to the store or ordering online. Continue reading “Expect More – and Get it – With Apps”

Shoes, Wonderful Shoes – Shopping is Easy with the Zappos Mobile App

Total Score:  28.5 has made a name for themselves in the online shoe world by their quick service and easy returns.  Now, with this Zappos Mobile iPhone or iPad app, you can shop more easily and add to your shoe wardrobe.  The app allows you to shop anytime you have a few minutes of free time and want to invest into the world of shoes.


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Shop Your Neighborhood Pharmacy with the Walgreen’s App

Total Score:  27.5

 In my area, there is pretty much a Walgreens within easy driving distance of where ever I am.  I stop there often for a quick pick up of items and they are my go-to store for prescriptions.  Exploring the Walgreens iPhone and iPad apps has helped me to see that I can improve the quality of my shopping experience by taking advantage of the various features.  I have used it to renew prescriptions and it was incredibly easy. Continue reading “Shop Your Neighborhood Pharmacy with the Walgreen’s App”

Sam’s Club – Using this App Makes Savings Simple

Total Score:  27

     We lead busy lives and any app that saves time and helps organize my life stays in my frequently used apps space.   Sam’s Club iPhone and iPad apps make that cut.  They offer a full featured shopping and list making experience, with a few bonuses – like recipes – in the mix.  I like a personal, in the store,  shopping experience, and never expected to find apps like this so handy.  Shopping in warehouse stores can be overwhelming.  There is so much to see and explore that you can forget the key items you expected to pick up.  With this app, that worry is over. Continue reading “Sam’s Club – Using this App Makes Savings Simple”