Can Meditation Make You 10% Happier?

Total Score:  29.5

ten-percent-happier-logoThe Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics 10% Happier app provides a step-by-step introduction to meditation. Who doesn’t need help with controlling stress? Whether you are a novice at meditation or have had some experience, this app provides you with some solid information on how to improve your life – which should increase happiness.

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Relax and Enjoy 3 Minute Mindfulness

Total Score:  28.5

3 Minute Mindfulness - logoThe 3 Minute Mindfulness app offers you the opportunity to carve out three minutes of relaxation in your busy schedule.  You could do this at work, at home, or while waiting in line to pick up your kids from school.

This is one of those apps that doesn’t do a lot, but does what is promised well.
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