Well, Swell Radio App is Well… Swell!

Total Score: 30

I am a huge NPR fan and didn’t think anything could woo me away from my local station.  But then, I found the Swell Radio app.  I get the best of NPR, TED talks and intelligent stories from comedy, sports and news channels.  This app provides unlimited streaming audio.  It learns what you like and, over time, delivers radio-like content that matches your interests.  But, in addition to that you can decide to focus on business, comedy, sports, etc.  Continue reading “Well, Swell Radio App is Well… Swell!”

Get Up and Go With Alarm Clock – One Touch Pro

Total Score:  29

I have been ignoring alarm clock apps for a long time.  Apple made a perfectly good one, why would I need another one?  Well, I read about Alarm Clock – One Touch Pro and how there had been millions of downloads for the previous version and thought I’d give it a try.   It is so easy to set an alarm.  I’m sold on this app,  I will be using it as my primary alarm clock. Continue reading “Get Up and Go With Alarm Clock – One Touch Pro”

Movie and Television Info at Your Fingertips with IMDb

Total Score:  28

The IMDb app is a must have for TV and movie fans.  It is your one stop source for information about actors and their roles.  It provides you with a treasure trove of information as you are watching.  Example: What other movies did Joseph Mazzello (Marine Eugene Sledge) of The Pacific appear in?   Answer:  He was Tim Murphy (John Hammond’s grandson) in Jurassic Park.  You can even watch movie trailers.  What’s not to like? Continue reading “Movie and Television Info at Your Fingertips with IMDb”

Flashlight App – You’ll find it Indispensable

Total Score:  27.5

One of the necessities of life is a flashlight when you need it.  Can you picture yourself in any of these situations?  Have you ever been at a door and the light is unexpectedly out and you need to find the key hole? Have you ever dropped something in the dark and need to search for it? What do you always have with you?  Your cell phone.  Why not add a tool that can help you solve these problems? I can tell you it came in handy on my last vacation when I was trying to work with a lock that was unfamiliar to me.  It just makes sense to add this Flashlight app to your phone.  It provides you with this basic feature (light) and, actually, a whole lot more. Continue reading “Flashlight App – You’ll find it Indispensable”

Run – Walk – Enjoy Nike + Running

Total Score:  29.5

 An important part of maintaining good health is exercise.  Keeping track of your exercise is a good way to motivate and inspire you.  Nike + Running is an app that can help do that.  It can time your walk or run,  play music, prompt you with updates as you travel and provide you with a map of your exact route.    If you want, it can also post your runs to Facebook.   Updated:  Some apps have staying power and some don’t.  I downloaded this app in October 2011 and have logged over 300 miles on it.  I don’t start a walk without it.  I enjoy the positive feedback of seeing my history.

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Pandora App – Music Your Way

Total Score:  28

   Pandora Radio app is a must-have for music lovers.   You can select any artist, song or composer and the app will play your selected choice first and then other artists/composers/songs with a similar sound.   Many of you are already familiar with the PC version of Pandora. The one difference is the music will play longer before checking to make sure you are still “in the room.”  You might still fill your iPod with personal music, but will find you use this app more than your own tunes.  The icons are identical, but there is a specific app for the iPad.


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