Always Know the Weather with The Weather Channel App

Total Score: 29

I love, love, love having weather apps on my iPhone and iPad.  I have written about a number of them, and found another great option. The Weather Channel offers a beautiful display with all the information you need readily available for both the iPad and iPhone.  The iPad version is more full featured, but both versions work well.    Continue reading “Always Know the Weather with The Weather Channel App”

Peepometer – Weather With Style

Total Score:   29.5

  I have been in the “seen one weather app, seen them all,” mode until now. The Peepometer app gives you extensive up-to-date information in a stylish format that just begs to be opened and enjoyed.  This iPad only app offers you a complete view of the weather.  You don’t want to just jump into this app and jump out.  You want to stay and explore.

Continue reading “Peepometer – Weather With Style”