High School Spanish – Best All-In-One App

Total Score:  29

HS Spanish iconWhether you are in high school or just trying to brush up on your language skills, you’ll find the High School Spanish app for iPhone and iPad just what you need.  It has flash cards, pronounces the words and has extensive information to help build your skills. Why wouldn’t you want it, it was developed by Spanish teachers for students and provides you with the information you need to study efficiently and with some work, get that A you were hoping for.


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You Have the Perfect Seat With the Orchestra App

Total Score: 29.5

Orchestra by Touch Press is an impressive view of what is possible on an iPad.  On the other hand, maybe it is even beyond what I could have imagined as possible.  It is part theatrical performance, part text, part commentary with music, part musical score and part visual aid showing how musicians combine their talents to play classics.  Most of all it is impressive.  Continue reading “You Have the Perfect Seat With the Orchestra App”

Explore Egyptian Tombs with Pyramids 3D

Total Score: 29.5

Egyptian pyramids have fascinated us since Howard Carter discovered the treasurers of King Tut’s tomb in 1922.  We have enjoyed movies about them, TV shows and an amazing number of books.  Now, Touch Press brings us an app that allows us to walk through the Pyramids, not only as if we were there, but better than that!   Some of the views you have in this app are in protected areas and even if you were there, you couldn’t see them.   Not only that, Dr. Zahi Hawass adds his extensive knowledge of the area to the project.  Pyramids 3D is a treasure.  Continue reading “Explore Egyptian Tombs with Pyramids 3D”

Learn a New Language with Spanish – Speak and Learn Pro

Total Score:  29.5

People learn in different ways.  Some need to see what they are learning.   Some need to hear someone explain what they need to learn and some need to touch, or experience the new information.  Happily, Spanish – Speak and Learn Pro does all three.  I took Spanish in college but am far from fluent.  This app combines the fun of a game with repetitive learning.  I actually look forward to my language lessons.  I think you will too.    I didn’t test the Spanish Kids – Speak and Learn.  If your intention is to help your children learn Spanish you might want to start with that version.   Continue reading “Learn a New Language with Spanish – Speak and Learn Pro”

Celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge with GG Bridge App

Total Score:  30

For anyone who has seen the majesty of the Golden Gate Bridge, or wants to, this book app, GG Bridge, is a must have.  The actual title of the book, not used on iTunes, is “A Wild Flight of the Imagination.” The app includes photos, architectural drawings, maps, music, historical recordings, a short film and more.  The bridge opened for pedestrians on May 27, 1937 and for vehicular traffic on May 28, 1937. Happy Anniversary Golden Gate Bridge! Continue reading “Celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge with GG Bridge App”

Improve Your Grammar with the Grammar Girl App

Total Score: 27

There is an app for every interest, skill or hobby.  This app, Grammar Girl, for iPhone and iPad appeals on many levels.  It is an excellent source for reminding you about (or teaching you) grammar rules.  It can be humorous,  surprising, but it is always entertaining. I admit to being a fan of Grammar Girl, Mignon Fogarty, and having used her as a source to settle arguments between fellow editors. With this app, you can listen to podcasts, follow her on Facebook or Twitter, or visit her website in one nicely organized package.  Continue reading “Improve Your Grammar with the Grammar Girl App”

Leonardo da Vinci: Anatomy For iPad – The Master’s work and a Masterpiece App

Total Score:   29.5

I am dazzled by Leonard da Vinci: Anatomy, and it’s hard to pick out just what feature is the most impressive.  There are 268 of da Vinci’s drawings.   You can pinch and zoom in to see amazing detail.   In addition, there are eleven (short) chapters of information corresponding to each drawing, including background of what was the conventional thinking at the time and how Leonardo understood the truth and occasionally how he was influenced by his contemporaries.   There are interviews by the curator of the drawings and historians and scientists. You can interact with the 3-D images that correspond with the drawings.  This book works as a history book, an art book, a study of anatomy and most certainly, as a spectacular iPad book. Continue reading “Leonardo da Vinci: Anatomy For iPad – The Master’s work and a Masterpiece App”

TED – Ideas Worth Spreading

Total Score:  28.5

Looking for inspiration?  TED provides you with on demand short videos by the best thinkers in the world.  Whether your interest is education, architecture, green living, technology or global issues, you’ll find the information you need.  These videos were shot at the one of the annual TED conferences.  There is an archive of all the talks to date and as new conferences convene, a constant supply of new material.   Rather than watching the latest rerun of Family Guy – spend some quality time with TED. Continue reading “TED – Ideas Worth Spreading”