Penultimate – Best in Class iPad Handwriting App

Total Score:  29

I have been looking for an app that would allow me to take notes in meetings, annotate photos and generally help me stay organized.  I have tested a couple of apps that met that need, but until now, none that inspired me like Penultimate.   I started out my test enjoying the features offered – ink colors, moving between pages, cutting, erasing and importing photos.  From that point, I decided I needed to create a book of my own.  First I documented my New Year’s resolutions (if you write them down you are more likely to achieve them), then I decided I needed a fitness journal, and then I decided I wanted to create a life journal and I haven’t even gotten to the work uses yet!  I think this app will exceed your expectations and dare I say it, improve your life! Continue reading “Penultimate – Best in Class iPad Handwriting App”

TED – Ideas Worth Spreading

Total Score:  28.5

Looking for inspiration?  TED provides you with on demand short videos by the best thinkers in the world.  Whether your interest is education, architecture, green living, technology or global issues, you’ll find the information you need.  These videos were shot at the one of the annual TED conferences.  There is an archive of all the talks to date and as new conferences convene, a constant supply of new material.   Rather than watching the latest rerun of Family Guy – spend some quality time with TED. Continue reading “TED – Ideas Worth Spreading”