Innovez Provides Protection and Style With the iPhone 5 Life Series

innovez_2As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t keep the same cover on for more than a week. I have multiple colors and styles to keep me interested. This case, the Innovez iPhone 5 Life series, arrives in two parts. The hard back cover and the soft inner sleeve. The delightful part about this case is that you can mix and match the covers and sleeves, maximizing your options for a reasonable cost.


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iPhone 5 Covers – Cellairis, iFrogz, Mercury and ZooGue

There is no denying that a iPhone in its natural state is a thing of beauty.  I like keeping mine in pristine shape so I use a cover to protect it.  But, it’s not just about security.  I admit I like the different options that covers allow me.  I can be sedate and businesslike with a black cover or feed my creative side with fun colors.  Listed below are the four covers that are currently on my favorites list.  Continue reading “iPhone 5 Covers – Cellairis, iFrogz, Mercury and ZooGue”

iPhone Covers – Security and Fashion

One of the decisions you need to make when buying an iPhone is what kind of cover to get to protect your phone.   There are many covers that offer adequate to excellent protection and they come in just about every color and style. Continue reading “iPhone Covers – Security and Fashion”