Save Money With the Apps Gone Free App

Total Score:  29

I don’t mind paying for an app if it makes my life easier or is just fun to use.  However, I really like getting a deal. Many developers allow their apps to be free or at reduced cost for short amounts of time.  Finding them would just be luck if not for apps like Apps Gone Free.  I don’t download a new app every day, but usually three to four times a week.  I doubt you want that many apps, but my job (and my passion) is testing apps.  Apps Gone Free has helped me discover some really great apps.  I suggest you give it a try.  Continue reading “Save Money With the Apps Gone Free App”

What is your favorite sports related app?

I have my favorite apps and they support my love of my favorite teams.  I wouldn’t have the knowledge to review all the sports apps, but if you send an email to I’ll compile your suggestions and post them for others to see.

So, what app makes your sports experience better?