Italy Foods – Translate Italian Dishes, Meals & Cuisine

Total Score:  27.5

Italy Foods_Logo Is Italy on your bucket list?   Or do you look at Italian menus and wonder what kind of sauce is going to be on your pasta?  Watch a movie and wonder what they just ordered?  If so, Italy Foods, is a handy translation app for translating, and learning to pronounce foods in Italian.   And, of course, if you are Italian, and want to translate your favorite foods into English, then this is for you as well.  Then, add to that the functionality that makes it part diary— you can capture and share your favorite dishes.


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Explore the World with National Geographic World Altas HD

Total Score: 28

I admit it.  I am a map geek.  I love printed maps, digital maps, old atlases, new atlases, globes and now this new National Geographic World Atlas HD app.  It is important to know and understand world geography.  We hear about locations on the news and without understanding the location, we cannot understand the story.  This is a marvelous tool to help you place where you are and where events are happening in the world.


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Home Décor On Your iPad With Lowe’s and Home Depot Apps

Total Score:   29

  Would you like to give your home a new look?  Do you buy home decorating magazines to spark ideas?  If the answer to either question is yes, then you will enjoy both the Home Depot Style Guide and Lowe’s Creative Ideas apps.  Yes, Lowes and Home Depot are trying to sell you something.  But is that a bad thing?  Most do it yourself types already shop at one or both of these stores.   I recommend getting both.  Each offer great ideas for your home and there is no such thing as too much inspiration. Continue reading “Home Décor On Your iPad With Lowe’s and Home Depot Apps”

Discovr Finds Connections Between Apps

Total Score:  28.5

 I have to admit that it is counterintuitive for an app review site to suggest an app that can help you find new apps.   Nevertheless, I have to recommend Discovr.  It is in the entertainment category and is both informative and entertaining.  The simple explanation of this app is that you type in the name of an app you like and it plots possible connections to other apps with similar features.   For instance, if you type in KINDLE, you are connected to iBooks, MegaReader, Bluefire Reader and Book Crawler.   It’s a visual, “If you like this, you might like this.” Continue reading “Discovr Finds Connections Between Apps”