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Winston - Main Screen

Winston for iPhone – A Fun Way to Keep Up With News

Total Score:  29

Winston for iPhone is a fun way to keep up with news headlines.  I am a bit of a news junkie, and this app hits a home run for me. It is both informative and fun.

You can enjoy your news narrated by a pleasant voice accompanied by visuals.  As others said, it is kind of like having SIRI read you the headlines.

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Flipboard for iPad – Flip Through Your Favorite Content

Total Score: 29.5

  It is hard to categorize Flipboard, but I’ll try.  Their marketing material calls it a “social magazine” and that is a pretty good description.  It takes your social media (Facebook and Twitter), displays it in a dazzling magazine format, and offers you articles from such notables as Fast Company and Wired Science, allows you venture over see who’s hot according to People Magazine or what is up at Etsy.   It was love at first sight for me.  I could spend hours exploring each option. Continue reading

Create Your Own Magazine With Zite

Total Score:  27.5

 Wouldn’t it be great if you could design a magazine that only had articles that were of interest to you?  Well, the good news is that not only is it possible, but in the common turn of phrase – “There’s an app for that.”  Zite is a news aggregator that learns from you.   You pick the topics that interest you and the app serves up the data.   This app is one of my most used apps.  I start every day with a review of articles – political, technological and health related that interest me. Continue reading