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Five Reasons to Read Release Notes

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Update jpegBack in the day (a year ago?) you had to go into the app store and purposefully update any apps.  That gave you the opportunity to read the release notes and see what was new.   It wasn’t exactly a burden, but Apple improved iOS and made those updates automatic.  Now, you have to go to the App Store, tap updates, and then read.   It’s a couple of steps, but should you do it?  I think so, read on if you want to know why.


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How to Set Parental Controls on your iPhone or iPad

HelpIf you share your device with your child or grandchild, you may want to restrict some of the functions of the iPhone or iPad.   Why should you do this?  Without creating parental controls or restrictions apps can be deleted, new apps installed, explicit material revealed or costs incurred with in-app purchases.


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Two Great iOS Accessibilty Features

You may think that accessibility settings are just for people managing disabilities, but there is something there for all of us.  You can turn speak selection on and SIRI will read text you highlight.   Or, you can enlarge the text on your text messages.

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How to Help My iPhone Battery – Nine Tips

HelpA friend of mine commented that she turned her iPhone off regularly and I asked why?  She said she thought it was healthy for her phone.  I had never heard that, so I started researching.  And, it turns out she was right.  Check out this article on the subject.  My iPhone is currently off and resting.  Here are a few more tips.


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How to Restart an App Download That Was Stuck at “Waiting”

HelpAs you might imagine, I have a lot of apps loaded and I occasionally have to remove one so that I can download another – especially if it happens to be a large app I am trying to download.  If I forget to ensure there is room on my device, I get the dreaded message – The download cannot be completed due to lack of space.  Here is what you do.


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