Ultimate Trivia App: The Quiz – Challenge Yourself

Total Score:  30

The Ultimate Trivia: The Quiz App challenges your knowledge of current events, music, science and the arts.  It has a similar format to the popular game show, “So You Want to Be a Millionaire.”  You earn (digital) money for correct answers and have a few options to get some help.  It’s a bit addictive and plenty of fun.


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Play 7 Little Words – A Game For Word Lovers

Total Score:  28.5

7 Little Words is a simple, but challenging word game. This app offers you an opportunity to boost your brain power while having fun.  The simple design and functionality allow you to get started playing quickly.



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Spider Solitaire by Finger Arts

Total Score:  28.5

I thoroughly enjoy card games on my iPad and iPhone.  I’ve played the standard solitaire for years and took a chance and tried this Spider Solitaire app on both my iPhone and iPad.   There is a fair amount of strategy to the game and I find this to be my go-to game when I need to decompress.  Basically, for this game all the cards are spades and you create king to ace spreads to move them off the board and into the top section.  It sounds easy – and it can be – but only if the cards land well. Continue reading “Spider Solitaire by Finger Arts”

Get your News and Hangman Too!

Total Score:  29

I’ve mentioned on the blog that I’m not a huge fan of games on the iPhone.  I do love solitaire and decided to try another game by the same developer of my recent solitaire game review.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Hangman is just as addictive and plenty of fun.   It has a new twist on this old game – the word you try to find is one pulled from an RSS feed of current news.  If you are a news junkie you should be a whiz at this game!    Continue reading “Get your News and Hangman Too!”

Relax and Play Solitaire

Total Score:  30

I’ve been playing solitaire since I was a child. It has a Zen like effect on me.  I am soothed by the dealing and playing of cards.  Solitaire was one of the first games (and actually one of the few) that I downloaded on my iPhone and iPad.   So, I’ve been happily playing for years and why switch to a new app?  I’ll have to say that this particular version of Solitaire is appealing because it is graphically rich, has plenty of options to make games easier or harder and, perhaps most of all, while it does have ads they don’t interfere with the game.  Continue reading “Relax and Play Solitaire”

Word Warp – Play a Game and Keep Your Brain Fit

Total Score:  27

   Games can fill in time, challenge or frustrate you.   Word Warp and Word Warp Extreme for iPhone or iPad can do all three.  The game gives you six  letters to create three- to six-letter words.  Sounds easy, right?  Sometimes yes, sometimes no.   You work against the clock and that pressure adds to the fun. Continue reading “Word Warp – Play a Game and Keep Your Brain Fit”

Solitaire or Patience – Whichever Name You Use – Great Game

Total Score:  28.5

Solitaire, the game, dates back to the mid-18th century.  With this app we have definitely moved into this century!  You can take the game wherever you go and have something to while away the time as you wait in a doctor’s office or during your commute (if you are on public transportation – don’t play while driving.)  This game is pure enjoyment and just a little bit addictive. Continue reading “Solitaire or Patience – Whichever Name You Use – Great Game”