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Innovez cover styles

Innovez Provides Protection and Style With the iPhone 5 Life Series

innovez_2As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t keep the same cover on for more than a week. I have multiple colors and styles to keep me interested. This case, the Innovez iPhone 5 Life series, arrives in two parts. The hard back cover and the soft inner sleeve. The delightful part about this case is that you can mix and match the covers and sleeves, maximizing your options for a reasonable cost.


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iPhone 5 Covers – Cellairis, iFrogz, Mercury and ZooGue

There is no denying that a iPhone in its natural state is a thing of beauty.  I like keeping mine in pristine shape so I use a cover to protect it.  But, it’s not just about security.  I admit I like the different options that covers allow me.  I can be sedate and businesslike with a black cover or feed my creative side with fun colors.  Listed below are the four covers that are currently on my favorites list.  Continue reading

Bluetooth Bracelet Lets You Know When Calls Come In

Total Score:  22.5

I don’t know about you, but I miss calls because I am in a noisy place and my phone is in my purse.  As I go into business meetings I usually keep my phone on vibrate and then forget about turning it back on – again a recipe for missing a call.  With this new fashion bracelet by Chinavision, that problem is solved.  I’ve been wearing it for a week and find it both comfortable and helpful.  Continue reading

Dress Up Your iPhone, iPad or iTouch with Button Stickers

Total Score: 23

  I spend an inordinate amount of time making sure my iPhone looks good.  I change the covers regularly – sometimes to match my mood and sometimes to match my clothing.  Imagine my delight when I received as a gift multiple packs of “My Colors” button stickers. Continue reading

iBend – a Stand Designed for Mobility

Total Score: 25

There are a lot of device stands on the market.  Many iPad cases are designed to allow your device to be upright for viewing or presentations.  But, what if you don’t want a bulky case or stand.  What are your options?  One option is the iBend XL for iPads or iBend for iPhone or iTouch.  They are thin enough to be stored in your purse or portfolio and are priced low enough to make them a very viable option. Continue reading

iVisor AG – Install an iPad Screen Protector in Minutes

Total Score:  30

The image on an iPad is spectacular.  The glass screen allows all the colors to shine through in their full glory.  However, I worry about scratches and after a while decided I need a screen protector.

I spent quite a bit of time researching my options, reading user opinions and watching YouTube Videos.  In the end, I decided the iVisor AG was a good fit for me.  The installation appeared practically fool-proof and the users rated the product with five stars.  It was a little more expensive than others, but the payoff seemed worth it.  Update:  I’ve had the iVisor on my iPad for almost two years.  I still think it’s the best screen protector I’ve found.  The company no longer makes it for the iPad 2, but if you would like to try one for newer iPads, here’s a link.

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