Apple Pay – Safe and Easy to Use

Total Score:  29.5

Apple Pay logoOf all the functionality on the iPhone, I think Apple Pay is the closest to a killer app.  I started out using it on my phone, but once I bought the Watch, that became my go-to for paying at restaurants and stores. It is quick and much easier. Most of us keep our phones extremely handy – special pocket or place in our purses.  From a woman’s point of view, sometimes my wallet is a bit lost in my larger purse.  So, paying with my phone is perfect!

Price Rating = 5      Free.  It is standard on all Apple Devices. You only need to set it up to get started.

Ease of Use Rating = 5      Super simple. Double click and it opens.

 Readability Rating = 5   It has not failed and I’ve used it for a year.

Will You Use It Rating = 5     If you dine out or shop  – then yes.

  Downsides Rating =0     You can’t use it everywhere, but that is to be expected of any technology.

  Consumer Review Rating = 4.5    This type of functionality does not get reviewed as apps do, but I couldn’t find any negative comments, so I am going with the overall positive reviews and assuming that if was reviewable, people would find something to comment negatively about.

 Why Do You Need This App Rating = 5     This app offers both ease of use and added security. You don’t have to pull out your wallet or risk your credit card is an identity theft hack.

How does it work? 

  1. To set up Apple Pay you open the SETTINGS app and look for Wallet & Apple Pay.  Under cards you click on Add Credit or Debit Card.  At this point it asks you to confirm your Apple password.
  2. The next screen you see is some information about how your data might be used.  Mostly anonymously, but some information is required by your credit card company. Click NEXT.
  3. You click on ADD A CARD and the camera opens to take a picture of the card. You frame it and the card number is automatically captured. You are asked to verify information and add your security code. The tap NEXT.
  4. The card is verified with your carrier and then you are done.  You can have multiple cards.
  5. You can allow access when the phone is locked by toggling on the Double-Click Home Button functionality.
  6. For the Watch you double-click the side button.
  7. When you are paying, you just hold your device (iPhone or Watch) and you will quickly see confirmation – or feel the vibration on the Watch.
  8. Apple suggests, rightly, that you use FIND MY PHONE as added security to ensure that you have the ability to put your phone in lost mode or wipe it clean completely. You can also stop payments by signing into

FYI – Apple Pay is available through many banks in the U.S., but is more restricted in other countries.  In Australia and Canada it is limited to American Express (if the card was issued through American Express and not a bank.)  In the U.K. there are now 15 banks participating in the program.  In Mainland China there are also 15 banks.   Two store cards are also available – Kohl’s and BJ’s.

As I mentioned above, it is so easy to use that I depend on it.  I know which stores and restaurants have it and gravitate to them just a bit. And, as an added bonus, Apple Pay is much faster than scanning a pin card. Not to mention how easy it is to just use my Watch or iPhone rather than hunting in my purse. Do you use it? What do you consider as the benefits? Add your comments.

Devices:  This app can be used on either the iPhone (6 or later) and iPad (Air 2 or later). It requires the latest iOS. The App was developed by Apple. Click here for videos and more information.

Photos from Apple Pay site.

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