Seven Apps That Make The Apple Watch Worthwhile

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Are you considering an Apple Watch but can’t quite decide whether it is for you?   The following is a list of apps that make it a necessity for me, and perhaps worth the money for you.  I am sure the next version of the Watch will introduce a lot of cool new features, but as for me, it’s very useful now.


  1. Apple Maps – having directional prompts on my wrist has become critical to me.  I am not a natural when it comes to navigation, but the Apple Watch app helps me to seem so.
  2. Messages – I keep my phone on silent because the notifications drive me crazy.  Consequently I miss messages as they come in.   With the watch, they come on the screen and a tap of the wrist lets me know I have a new one.
  3. Phone – The same holds true for me for incoming calls.  I miss them as well, having the tap on my wrist allows me to choose to pick up my phone or answer on the watch.
  4. Calendar – Getting appointment prompts through my Watch is extremely helpful.  I can setup alerts within each appointment to create a tap on my wrist to make sure I am on time and prepared. For some events I set a five-minute warning, for others a full day.
  5. Activity –  I have worn fitness devices for years.  Many of them are very good, but combining that kind of functionality with a standard watch is stellar.  The display is clear and colorful and inspires me to move more.
  6. Workout – This app allows me to record specialized fitness activities, and keep track of my heart rate.
  7. Timer App –  This is a helpful app when you are cooking or doing the laundry and need to check in on progress.   You set it, forget it, and it taps your wrist when you need to look in on something.

I really could add others.  The ones above are my daily or weekly use ones. Also helpful are the various travel ones like Tripcase and airline updates. Let me know which apps are your favorites.


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