Google Keep Makes Keeping Notes, Lists and Checklists a Breeze

Total Score:  29.5

GoogleKeep LogoI am a big fan of productivity apps and have tried most of the popular ones.  Once I download the app, I begin by being enthused, but eventually they don’t keep me interested.  I think the features and functions of the Google Keep can keep me invested in this one.  The user interface is clean, the learning curve minimal and the functionality is varied to meet many needs.


Price Rating = 5     Free.

Ease of Use Rating = 5    You can type or dictate notes, add photos and easily create checklists. I find it very easy to use.

Readability Rating = 5     The contrast between the font and the backgrounds is good.  I like the fact that you can change the background for each type of note.  The colors help the text pop even more.

Will You Use It Rating = 5     If you keep lists, links, or notes, you’ll want to download the app and give it a try.  It is a bit addictive.

Downsides Rating =  0     I haven’t figured out how to reorder a checklist yet.   I’m not sure I would take away points if I find I can’t.  

Consumer Review Rating = 4.5    The app was released fairly recently and at this point has 160 ratings – most very positive.

Why Do You Need This App Rating = 5       Life can get complicated.  Having an app where you can keep notes and get reminders is helpful.  

How does it work? 

  1. Step one in the process is signing in.  The app immediately recognized my Google ID and I was signed in quickly.  I assume if you don’t have a Google ID, you’ll need to get one.
  2. At the bottom of the screen are the words “Take a note” and then three icons.
    • If you tap on “Take a Note” a simple screen will come up allowing you to give your note a title, type it, set up a reminder.
    • If you tap on the icon that looks like a bullet list – you get the checklist format.
    • If you tap on the microphone icon you can dictate your note.
    • If you tap on the camera icon you can either take a photo or choose an image from your library.
  3. While in any note you have a number of options to increase the functionality.
    • Using the icon of a person with a plus sign, you can share the note or photo with others.
    • You can change the background of the note using the palette icon.
    • You can create a tag (using the tag icon) to group notes with the same topic.
    • You can add a photo to your note with the camera icon.
    •  You can archive, delete, make a copy or show check boxes using the icon on the far right

I tested it on both the iPad and iPhone.  I find that I use it more on the iPhone as it is always handy.   I’m impressed with the easy of use and functionality.  Even on the smaller screen it still works very well.  At the moment, this is my go-to app.  I recommend you give it a try.  Now I can check this task off my to do list.

Devices:  This app is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.  Requires iOS 8.0 or later. The app has 33 different language choices.  You can find more information on the Google Keep website.

GoogleKeep_Sample Screens

GoogleKeep_Sample Screens2






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