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Total Score:  27.5

Italy Foods_Logo Is Italy on your bucket list?   Or do you look at Italian menus and wonder what kind of sauce is going to be on your pasta?  Watch a movie and wonder what they just ordered?  If so, Italy Foods, is a handy translation app for translating, and learning to pronounce foods in Italian.   And, of course, if you are Italian, and want to translate your favorite foods into English, then this is for you as well.  Then, add to that the functionality that makes it part diary— you can capture and share your favorite dishes.


Price Rating = 4     Partially Free.  It offers you 5,000+ Italian foods and dishes when you download.   Included are 10 free searches.  You can upload packs of unlimited searches ($9.99) or additional packs of 30 searches ($1.99).   The $9.99 cost is comparable to a printed translation book.

Ease of Use Rating = 5     The navigation through the app is easy to understand.   The choices are simple and yet offer a lot of information.

Readability Rating = 5     The font is black, on a neutral background and is comfortably readable.

Will You Use It Rating = 5     If you are planning a trip to Italy, this would be a great app to download before you go.

Downsides Rating =  0     I didn’t experience any issues.  I noticed a comment on iTunes about it taking too long to search.   It didn’t happen to me.

Consumer Review Rating = 4.5    There aren’t many reviews at this time,  The ones available are positive.

Why Do You Need This App Rating = 4    This is not for everyday use, but would be helpful when traveling, or trying to decipher an Italian menu.

How does it work? 

  1. When you download the app it takes a few minutes to load.  These words will be available even when you are offline.
  2. On the home screen you see a field to enter your work.   If you toggle the button to a British flag you will enter English and see the Italian word.   If you see the Italian flag, you enter the Italian word and see the English translation.
  3. When you look up words you can either ask it to “suggest a term” or “hold this term.” With “hold this term you can save it and add a note about the restaurant.  When you save it, you’ll see the date and time, the site or map if activated, You can also upload an image of the food, menu or place.  And, you can share it via email or social media.
  4. If you choose, “suggest a term” you will see a pop-up box that allows you to send an email to the developer to improve or add a related term.
  5. At the bottom of the home screen there are three icons.  The first is PHRASES.   Tapping on that icon brings up a list of commonly used phrases relating to restaurants and food shopping.
  6. The NOTEBOOK icon brings up any notes you saved.   The one I suggested in step three now shows on my app.
  7. The INFORMATION icon shows you search tips, information about upgrading, the ability to share the app and the usual legal information.

I love Italian food, so I know I’ll be using it at restaurants.  At the moment, a trip to Italy is only a dream.

Other resources/inspirations:

Book:  If you are a writer, and want to spell “food words” correctly, here is another great source.


I love to watch the movie, “The Tourist,” for the lovely scenes in Venice.   It is a great movie to watch before you go to Italy… or perhaps, even after you go, as a way to reminisce.

“Letters to Juliet” will also offer you some great Italian scenery.

Devices:  This app is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.  Requires iOS 5.1 or later.  (Note, it works currently with iOS8)  It is optimized for iPhone 5.  It was developed by Menu Translate PTY, Ltd.


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