Sleep Better With the Sleep Machine App

Total Score:  28.5

Sleep Machine logoThere is so much noise in the world we all need a little help to shut it out.  Sleep Machine app provides you with ample functionality to create white noise, show a digital clock, set an alarm and generally meet all your sleep time needs.  Give it a try to see if you get a better night’s sleep.


Price Rating = 5      $1.99.   To get all of this functionality, it makes sense that you would have to pay for it.  I used Sleep Machine lite (free) for a while, but wanted the digital clock.

Ease of Use Rating = 5     I have been using it for about 30 days and find it easy to use.

Readability Rating = 5     The fonts are a good size and it is easy to see the sound choices and selection buttons.

Will You Use It Rating = 5     I find having some ambient noise in the room when I sleep helps cut out noise that might jar me awake.

Downsides Rating =  -1     The music option doesn’t work on my iPhone.  Since the images in iTunes refer to “iPod Music” perhaps it wasn’t intended to.  It does show the option, it just doesn’t work.  I wouldn’t use it anyway, I prefer white noise to music for sleeping.

Consumer Review Rating = 4.5    There are almost 1,900 reviews and they are very positive.

Why Do You Need This App Rating = 5     I find it helps me rest.  Check out the comments on iTunes.  Apparently many other people feel the same way.

How does it work? 

  1. When I open up the app I see three options for setting sounds.  I only use one sound a night, but you can build on the sound you hear by adding up to three sounds.  Birds and crickets, perhaps.  You can also choose music – if your iPod/iPhone is compatible.  As noted above, it doesn’t work on mine.
  2. At the bottom of the screen you will see five different options.  The first is a “SAVE” selection.  You can save a particular configuration.   I tested this option, and it worked fine, but it isn’t something I feel I need. I  just keep it set where I want it.
  3. The “FAVORITES” selection has some sounds that have been judged as popular.  I have to assume by the community of users.  I didn’t set favorites.
  4. There is a TIMER that will allow you to start the noise/sound/music and have it end at some pre-determined time. I have not tested this functionality.
  5. You can set an ALARM within the app that will wake you, well, like any other alarm clock.   Some of the sounds may not be significant enough to wake you up.  I slept through the sounds of morning birds.  I have to admit that I don’t use the alarm function and just use the standard iPhone clock.
  6. The last option is an INFORMATION selection.  Tapping it provides you with graphics explaining the functionality of the app.
  7. The reason that I actually purchased this app was for the CLOCK feature.  You tap the clock at the top center and a digital clock appears.  It stays open on your screen.  To adjust the look of the clock you tap the screen and then swipe either right or left to change the color and layout.  You can also tap a small square at the bottom to show seconds.   I do keep my phone plugged in all night, removing any issues with battery drain.  It is possible (I haven’t tested) that running this all night without being plugged in could run your battery down.

There is an extensive number of sounds to choose from.  Some people commented that many of sounds are similar.  The ones I have tried (White Noise 2 and Beach) are distinctive and pleasant to listen to.  This app has pluses and minuses, as many do.  All I know is that I’ve used it for a reasonable amount of time to conclude I like it.  Let me know what you think.

Devices:  This app is compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad.  Requires iOS 3.1.2 or later.  App developed by SleepSoft, LLC.


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