ARGUS – Motion and Fitness Tracker by Azumio

Total Score:  29

Azumio has brought themselves to the forefront of fitness apps with their latest version of the Argus – Motion and Fitness Tracker.  Working with the new M7 motion sensor, it captures a significant amount of data.  Whether you have the latest iPhone or not, you’ll find a lot to like with this app.


Price Rating = 5      $1.99.   It is a full-featured app, and if you have your phone on you all the time, can take the place of expensive tracking devices.

Ease of Use Rating = 5     Some information comes in automatically, which is nice, and some you enter yourself.  The things you enter are easy to add.

  Readability Rating = 5      The font is a nice large size.

 Will You Use It Rating = 5     If you are interested in tracking your food, steps or sleep, you’ll find this app easy to use.

 Downsides Rating =  0   I didn’t find any issues with the app during my testing.  I don’t have the new iPhone 5S with a motion tracker, so I am sure I missed some of the functionality.

  Consumer Review Rating = 4   With over 1,400 reviews, the average rating of the current version is four stars.

 Why Do You Need This App Rating = 5    Keeping track of your fitness and food is one of the ways that can keep you on a healthy path.

How does it work? 

  1. When you open your app it will automatically start with the local temperature (if you allow location settings) and the date.  It will also have some prompts to add additional information.
  2. The content appears in a puzzle like format, with the pieces moving around as you add new information.
  3. Food is added by taking a picture of it.   I know that sounds too simple, but the idea here is that if you see what you are eating you are more likely to control what you eat.  If you eat something every day – like an apple – you can just pull the photo from your camera roll.
  4. Steps are counted as you move about your life and have the phone or iPod touch with you.   Again, super easy. The number of steps you have taken during the day shows up at the top left corner of the app icon, so it is always visible for you on the phone – even without opening the app.
  5. By tapping on the icon on the top left of your screen (the three lines) you can get to other functions of the app.
  6. First you’ll see a summary of your activity – Hours of sleep, cups of water and number of steps.
  7. You can see select FOOD to see only the food you have eaten in a day.
  8. You can set goals for sleeping, drinking water and steps.  You can even track your sleep effectiveness.   I did not test this feature.
  9. You can see a graph with your trends over the last weeks or months.
  10. You can connect to other apps or devices.  This app connects to the Withings scale.
  11. If you check your heart rate on the Instant Heart Rate app (also by Azumio), it will add your heart rate to Argus.

This app is effective as a tracker of food and fitness. GIve it a try and let me know if you work it into your routine.

Devices:  This app can be used on either the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. It should be noted that the motion tracking will work, but it is a bit impractical to carry an iPad on a run or walk.  It requires iOS 6.0 or later.  App developed by Azumio

Argus - Main screen

Argus - Sample Screens - 2 Argus - Sample Screens








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