Use a Photo Instead of a Search Word With CamFind

Total Score:  29.5

CamFind allows you to take a photo of something to find out more about it.  That sounds simple when you try an object like an iPod.  You get the expected results, what it is, where you can buy it (relative to where you are) , product reviews and general info.  That is impressive, but nearly as impressive as taking a picture of a flower or a building around you and having it respond, fairly quickly, with everything you would want to know about it.  CamFind delivers amazing results and is likely to settle a bar bet or two. 

Price Rating = 5      Free, but there is advertising included in the search results.

Ease of Use Rating = 5     The graphics are clear and easy to use.

  Readability Rating = 5     The fonts are a reasonable size.      

  Will You Use It Rating = 5     You can use it to comparison shop, find out about movies, get restaurant reviews and generally, translate objects (when you are outside your home country), read QR codes and find out more about what is around you. I predict you will find it extremely valuable.

  Downsides Rating =  0   I didn’t run into any problems while testing.  One of the reviews indicated that it required Wi-Fi, but I didn’t find that to be true.  I was able to take a photo of an item in a store and get quick results. 

  Consumer Review Rating = 4.5    This app was introduced earlier this week and doesn’t have a lot of reviews.  The ones it has are very positive.

 Why Do You Need This App Rating = 5    You can save money and time with this app, and that alone makes it valuable.

How does it work? 

  1. You have three icons at the bottom of the screen.  Choose the center, CAMERA, option to get started.  Take a picture of an object, it sends the image and starts identifying.  In a very short time you get an answer.   (A spinning icon shows you it is still thinking.)   You will see, depending on the object, other images of the item, places to order the item, product reviews and other product information.
  2. It keeps track of all the items you have searched.  You can reach them by tapping on the CLOCK icon.  Once you are within this section you have more functionality.
    1. Tapping on the photo (on the left) brings up a large image of the photo and allows you to do the following:
      1. Edit the name – Tap on the PENCIL icon.  When you edit the name it further refines the search.
      2. Tap the SOUND icon and it will say the name of the item.
      3. Tap on the RSS icon and it brings up options to share the image through email, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, Assign to a contact, Save to Camera Roll, Print or Copy.
      4. Tapping the X icon deletes an image.
    2. If you tap on the ARROW icon on the right it brings up your previous search (altered if you change the name.)
  3. The DOTS icon on the right, brings up options.
    1. You can tap the VOICE icon and it will speak the name of the object you photographed.
    2. You can use the SPEAK icon and say what you want to search for.  I had mixed results with this.  Shorter search words worked best.
    3. There is a WORLD icon where you can set your home language.
    4. There is an INFORMATION icon to pull up a tutorial, review and share your thoughts about the app.
  4. You can also take pictures of QR codes to bring up that site.

This app is helpful to find product information and fairly amazing when you take a picture of something that is not so definable.   I took a photo of a vase and it recognized it was blue and white and provided me with other vases of similar size and color.  When I took pictures of flowers, it didn’t recognize them to be marigolds and roses, but offered me information about other yellow and red flowers.  Once I changed the description to be marigolds and roses, the search immediately provided me with the information I needed.

Give this app a try and let me know what you think.  I believe I’ll be using it a lot.

Devices:  This app  is compatible with the iPhone (3GS, 4, 4S, 5), iPod Touch (3rd – 5th generation) and iPad.  It requires iOS 6.0 or later.  App developed by Image Searcher, Inc.


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