How to Use Gestures on Your iPad


There’s no shortage of ways to make your iPad or iPad mini work faster and easier.  Using gestures instead of clicks is faster, and frankly fun.  With just a little bit of practice you’ll look like an expert.




  1. Using four fingers and thumb – a crab movement – place your hand on the screen and draw your fingers together.  This closes the app and returns you to the home screen.
  2. Four Finger Swipe Up – using four fingers swipe up on the screen and you will see the apps that you have open.  Swipe back down to hide the apps again.
  3. Four Fingers Swipe left and right – this allows you to move between your open apps.
  4. If you are in Safari, or another browser and want to quickly jump back to the top, just tap the time bar at the top and it moves you to the top.


Note:  You do need to make sure gestures are turned on.  Go to Settings > Multitasking Gestures and make sure you have it toggled to on.   On this screen is also a reminder of how to use these gestures.




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