Manage Your Medications With Mango Health

Total Score:  28.5

Do you need a way to keep track of your medications?  Do you need to take medications more than once a day and find it difficult to remember?  If so, Mango Health is your answer.  It not only provides reminders, but valuable medication information too.  Plus, you have the opportunity to earn points and win prizes.   If you want all of that in a colorful, easy to ready package – then Mango Health is your app! Continue reading “Manage Your Medications With Mango Health”

How to Use Gestures on Your iPad


There’s no shortage of ways to make your iPad or iPad mini work faster and easier.  Using gestures instead of clicks is faster, and frankly fun.  With just a little bit of practice you’ll look like an expert.



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Finish – Stop Procrastinating and Finish Your Tasks

Total Score:  29.5

Finish is a procrastinator’s dream – well, if your dream is to finish things.  This app allows you to see your short-term, mid-term and long-term tasks at a glance.  This app helps you stay focused on what you committed to work on during a certain time and still keeps what’s coming up visible.  You might gather from my app reviews that I have a lot of tasks and I struggle to keep up with them.  That would be completely accurate. I have tried a lot of productivity, to-do type apps and now, Finish is my go to app.

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izik – a New, Attractive Search Engine App For Your iPad

Total Score:  29

There isn’t a shortage of search engine apps, and you likely have a favorite. With that in mind,  I suggest you try izik to enjoy a magazine-like experience.  Your results are ordered in a way that is helpful and attractive and always graphic.  After trying it, you may change your search engine preference to izik.  It’s fun and provides results. What more could you ask for? Continue reading “izik – a New, Attractive Search Engine App For Your iPad”