How to Delete, Move or Organize Apps Into Folders



Learning how to manage the apps on your device is an important skill.  You can delete apps, move apps around on your screen and organize them by folders.  Master these steps and you’ll find your device more useful.



How to Delete an App:

  1. When you press and hold any app on your screen an X appears in the top left corner of all the apps or folders on the device and they start jiggling – see the photo below. They are awaiting action.
  2. If you no longer want an app, double tap the app that you want to delete and a message will come up that asks if you want to delete the app or cancel.  You will notice that it also reminds you that deleting the app deletes any data you have stored in it. Once you make your choice you are returned to the screen with all of the apps still jiggling.
  3. If you change your mind and decide not to delete any apps (or if you are finished deleting apps) you can tap the HOME button to return the apps to their normal state.


How to Move Apps:  

  1. Moving apps starts out the same as deleting them.  You press and hold any app and all apps start jiggling.
  2. You can move apps by dragging them and dropping them into another screen.  You just tap and hold and drag an app to the edge of the screen.  The screen will switch to the next page and you can drop it there.  Using this technique can help you keep your most used apps on one screen and move the ones you don’t use as often on later screens.

How to Organize Apps Into Folders:

  1. You can also take two similar apps and drag them together to create a folder.  When you drag them together a folder is formed.  The software creates a name based on the type of apps, but you can change it to any name you want.

Using these techniques can keep apps on your iPhone, iPad or iTouch well-organized.

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