How to Set Parental Controls on your iPhone or iPad

HelpIf you share your device with your child or grandchild, you may want to restrict some of the functions of the iPhone or iPad.   Why should you do this?  Without creating parental controls or restrictions apps can be deleted, new apps installed, explicit material revealed or costs incurred with in-app purchases.


It’s easy to make these changes:

  1. Open the settings icon and tap general → restrictions.  You will see a list of apps that are screened back.  You can’t make any changes until you tap the ENABLE RESTRICTIONS at the top of the screen.
  2. You will then need to enter your restrictions pass code (the screen unlock code).  Sometimes it will ask you to do this multiple times.
  3. You will be presented with a list of things you can restrict.  Examples are:  Safari, Camera, FaceTime, Installing or Deleting apps.
  4. You can also restrict content.   Examples of this are the ability to restrict music or podcasts with explicit language, movies with certain ratings or in-app purchases.
  5. Once you make your selections and come back to the restrictions screen you will see that the restrictions are now showing as ON.
  6. To return to the status of no restrictions you just tap Disable Restrictions at the top of the Restrictions screen.

Taking the steps to put parental controls in place will save you problems in the long run.   There was a recent story in the news about a child who ran up a $2,500 bill with in-app purchases made while playing a game.  This can easily be prevented by taking the simple steps above.

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