Play 7 Little Words – A Game For Word Lovers

Total Score:  28.5

7 Little Words is a simple, but challenging word game. This app offers you an opportunity to boost your brain power while having fun.  The simple design and functionality allow you to get started playing quickly.



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Winston for iPhone – A Fun Way to Keep Up With News

Total Score:  29

Winston for iPhone is a fun way to keep up with news headlines.  I am a bit of a news junkie, and this app hits a home run for me. It is both informative and fun.

You can enjoy your news narrated by a pleasant voice accompanied by visuals.  As others said, it is kind of like having SIRI read you the headlines.

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How to Delete, Move or Organize Apps Into Folders



Learning how to manage the apps on your device is an important skill.  You can delete apps, move apps around on your screen and organize them by folders.  Master these steps and you’ll find your device more useful.



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Pixies – Fun With Photos

Total Score:  29

One of the joys of using an iPhone is the ability to take and manipulate photos.  The name of this app, Pixies – Fun with Photos really tells you all you need to know.  The only other thing you need to know is that it’s so easy.  This is one of those apps that just makes you want to go through your camera roll, add to your photos and share them.  Continue reading “Pixies – Fun With Photos”

Memory Mate Pro Helps Free Up RAM

Total Score:  27

Memory Mate Pro for iPhone or iPad, helps you manage your RAM memory by freeing up space.  This app is easy to use and graphically interesting.  You are likely not aware of how much RAM you are using, but high usage could slow down processes.  Continue reading “Memory Mate Pro Helps Free Up RAM”

Get Maximum Weather Info with the Minimal Climate Clock

Total Score:   29.5

We talk about the weather because it impacts our lives.  It’s that simple and that’s why there are so many apps out there to help us find out the weather at any moment.  I’ve reviewed a number of them but have found one that provides me just what I need on a day-by-day, hour-by-hour basis.  That app, Climate Clock, displays the temperature on an analog clock.  It allows you to see the weather now – and for the next ten hours.  Continue reading “Get Maximum Weather Info with the Minimal Climate Clock”

How to Set Parental Controls on your iPhone or iPad

HelpIf you share your device with your child or grandchild, you may want to restrict some of the functions of the iPhone or iPad.   Why should you do this?  Without creating parental controls or restrictions apps can be deleted, new apps installed, explicit material revealed or costs incurred with in-app purchases.


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Swackett for iPad – Weather That’s Different and Comprehensive

Total Score:   27.5

This isn’t your average weather app.   You can use this new cool weather app to get the information you need in a format that does not bore you silly.  Swackett for iPad does not skimp on information.  You get the full gamut from current conditions to in-depth radar.  All of this is wrapped up in a colorful, fun package.  I can easily see it as valuable for adults and a way to engage children in understanding how weather works. Continue reading “Swackett for iPad – Weather That’s Different and Comprehensive”