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Total Score:  27

With DailyArt, developed by Moiseum, you can up your art credentials by studying one piece of art a day.  What could be easier than that?   You not only learn about art you can save them as wallpapers or share them with friends. 


Price Rating = 5     Free.  For 99 cents you can get an ad-free version –  DailyArt Pro.  This version also has more functionality.

Ease of Use Rating = 5     All the functionality can be accomplished by swiping or tapping.  It is very easy to master.

  Readability Rating = 4      Reasonable size font. It’s a little small on the iPhone.  It is not optimized for the iPad, but can be seen at larger size with the 2X feature.

 Will You Use It Rating = 5    With just a couple of minutes a day you can learn more about and enjoy art.  Click here for an article about bring art into your everyday life.

 Downsides Rating =  -1     There were comments about the descriptions of the art.  Some grammar issues and inaccuracies.  If your main purpose is to study the pictures then this won’t be a very big drawback.  

  Consumer Review Rating = 4    There are less than 100 reviews, but most reviews are positive. Someone commented some of  the pictures were inappropriate.  It is art, and you can expect some nudity.

 Why Do You Need This App Rating = 5    All learning is valuable and studying art can not only be educational, but often inspirational.

How does it work? 

  1. This is not a complicated app.  Each day you receive a push notification letting you know a new masterpiece is available.  You open the app and see the picture, its name and the artist’s name.
  2. Tapping on the photo allows you to zoom in and study it. You can pinch and zoom to get a better look.  Oddly enough, it only seems to work in portrait mode.
  3. Tapping on the artist’s name gives you a brief paragraph about the artist, information about where the piece is displayed, it’s size, the medium and a link to Wikipedia for more information.
  4. Swiping to the right brings in art from previous days. Swiping back to the left takes you back to today’s art.
  5. The arrow below the art brings up options to share the piece through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or email.  You can also mark it as a favorite (only available in the pro version) or save it to your camera roll.
  6. Swiping to the left brings up options to get support, search or see your favorites (if you have the pro version.)

You can learn more about art in minutes a day.  Take a chance and download this app and start learning.  Start with the free version to make sure it is something you use.  Let me know what you think.

Devices:  This app can be used on either the iPhone (3GS, 4, 5), iPod Touch (3rd – 5th generation) or iPad. It is optimized for the iPhone 5.   It requires iOS 6.0 or later.  App developed by Moiseum.

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