Two Great iOS Accessibilty Features

You may think that accessibility settings are just for people managing disabilities, but there is something there for all of us.  You can turn speak selection on and SIRI will read text you highlight.   Or, you can enlarge the text on your text messages.

  1. For Larger Text – You can go to SETTINGS >ACCESSIBILITY > LARGE TEXT.  toggle it to the ON position. When you do that you will see a screen that offers you text sizes from 20pt to 56 pt.  It does not change the text for all apps, but you will see large photos in emails, messages and contact lists.
  2. To have the iPhone, iPad or iTouch read selected text you go to SETTINGS >ACCESSIBILITY >SPEAK SELECTION and toggle it to the ON position.  Once you have that set, you can go to any article and press and hold on any word.  Then you drag the selector to choose a passage for reading.  It works just like the copy function only now you can tap SPEAK.   There is only one voice right now, but hopefully in the future you’ll have a choice.

You will need to have iOS5 or later installed and, for speaking text, have a phone with SIRI.

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