How to Help My iPhone Battery – Nine Tips

HelpA friend of mine commented that she turned her iPhone off regularly and I asked why?  She said she thought it was healthy for her phone.  I had never heard that, so I started researching.  And, it turns out she was right.  Check out this article on the subject.  My iPhone is currently off and resting.  Here are a few more tips.


Some of the tips below will help your battery last longer, but you may choose to ignore them because they do reduce some functionality.  All of these can be adjusted through SETTINGS and can all be turned back on for your convenience.

  1. Turn Bluetooth off.
  2. Fetch email less often.
  3. Reduce Brightness settings.
  4. Turn off WiFi
  5. Turn off push modifications.
  6. Review location services to make sure you only have the ones active that are necessary.
  7. Set the device to not join WiFi networks.
  8. Use Airplane Mode if you don’t need connectivity.


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