iPhone 5 Covers – Cellairis, iFrogz, Mercury and ZooGue

There is no denying that a iPhone in its natural state is a thing of beauty.  I like keeping mine in pristine shape so I use a cover to protect it.  But, it’s not just about security.  I admit I like the different options that covers allow me.  I can be sedate and businesslike with a black cover or feed my creative side with fun colors.  Listed below are the four covers that are currently on my favorites list. 

I got my iPhone 5 on the first day it was available and there weren’t a lot of covers available. I went to our local mall and picked up a Cellairis rapture full-moon case.  I needed something quick and wasn’t sure I would really like it, but in the end I liked it well enough to not even consider another cover for several months.  The upside for this cover is it does a good job of surrounding the phone and protecting all the edges well.  The downside is, for me, the protection on the side got in the way of my texting.  While it is slim, there are other covers that don’t add as much bulk.  It will go back to it off and on.  It is a good cover with plenty of protection.


My next purchase was an iFrogz Breeze.  The one I selected is blue and green and is very lightweight. One of it’s features are the holes throughout the cover.  It’s very attractive, very slim and nicely designed.  The downside of this one is that it doesn’t seem very substantial.  Because of that I haven’t used this one very much.





I received a Mercury slimfit flexible iPhone 5 cover as a gift.  It is true to its name – slim – and is colorful and provides a surprising amount of stability and protection.  Of these four covers, this one has the smallest footprint.

It comes in a number of colors and is reasonably priced so you can order multiple colors.




Last, but  not least is my ZooGue iPhone Pro cover.   It’s lime green and certainly makes a statement.  It fits nicely on the phone and feels stable and safe.  The grooved edges keep it from slipping out of your hands.   One small downside is that I have to take my phone out of the cover in order to charge it.  I have a lightening adapter.  If it was the straight lightening connection it wouldn’t be a problem.

I can see myself ordering additional ZooGue covers in other colors.  I think light blue next.

If you have spare time, read the ZooGue owner’s history. It’s interesting and inspiring.

Let me know if you’ve tried this covers or have one you’d like to recommend.


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