Start Training With Zombies, Run! 5K

Total Score:  28

There are a number of 5K training apps on the market and many of them are very well planned and can provide you with the instruction you need.  But, after trying Zombies, Run! 5K, I can tell you this is the first one that is so interesting that I can’t wait to go out and train again.  It is a combination of training and edge-of-your-seat story telling – with you as part of the story. Continue reading “Start Training With Zombies, Run! 5K”

iPhone 5 Covers – Cellairis, iFrogz, Mercury and ZooGue

There is no denying that a iPhone in its natural state is a thing of beauty.  I like keeping mine in pristine shape so I use a cover to protect it.  But, it’s not just about security.  I admit I like the different options that covers allow me.  I can be sedate and businesslike with a black cover or feed my creative side with fun colors.  Listed below are the four covers that are currently on my favorites list.  Continue reading “iPhone 5 Covers – Cellairis, iFrogz, Mercury and ZooGue”

Worldictionary Is a Translation Powerhouse

Total Score:  28

Worldictionary is not just another language learning app.  It is packed with options and is the kind of app that you start telling your friends about. The coolest feature is the ability use your phone’s camera for word recognition. I’ll explain how that works below.  Continue reading “Worldictionary Is a Translation Powerhouse”

Personalize your Wallpaper with Wallpapers HD

Total Score:  28.5

If you want to give your wallpaper a personal touch, you should try Wallpapers HD.   It allows you to select a wallpaper that fits your interest, your mood, matches your cover or expresses anything you want to on any given day.  There is an iPad and iPhone version so you can make your devices match or give each one a personality.  Continue reading “Personalize your Wallpaper with Wallpapers HD”

Get the Latest Gadget and Tech News With The iGeeky App

Total Score:  27.5

If you love all things technical (and I do), then iGeeky is the app for you. It is available for both the iPhone and iPad.  It provides you news from the sources your trust like Gizmodo, Engadget, Mac Rumors, TUAW, CNET, Wired and more.

Continue reading “Get the Latest Gadget and Tech News With The iGeeky App”

A Critical App for an Actor’s ToolKit – Hedshotz Pro!

Total Score:  29

Are you an actor, or have you thought about seeking parts in movies to earn some extra money? If this is your chosen path, you need head shots.  Better yet, you need an app that allows you to capture head shots and your résumé and send them to interested parties.  In today’s environment, making connections is critical.  Having your credentials ready to send the moment someone expresses interest could make the difference between getting a part or missing an opportunity.  Of course, there is an app for this, HedShotz! ProContinue reading “A Critical App for an Actor’s ToolKit – Hedshotz Pro!”

How to Restart an App Download That Was Stuck at “Waiting”

HelpAs you might imagine, I have a lot of apps loaded and I occasionally have to remove one so that I can download another – especially if it happens to be a large app I am trying to download.  If I forget to ensure there is room on my device, I get the dreaded message – The download cannot be completed due to lack of space.  Here is what you do.


Continue reading “How to Restart an App Download That Was Stuck at “Waiting””

Using the Newsstand App to Support Your Fitness Program

Total Score:  30

Your Newsstand app comes with your iDevice and is one of the handiest around.   It is actually more of a folder, than an app.  You can find magazines to support  any interest, but, for me, it’s a perfect fit for fitness. You can read success stories, see videos of exercises and discover great recipes.   I’ll share a couple of my favorite subscriptions and talk about why I’ve switched from print to digital. Continue reading “Using the Newsstand App to Support Your Fitness Program”