Keep Your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad Healthy with Battery Doctor

Total Score:  27.5

Keeping your iDevices happy is something that is certainly important.  Using a battery app like Battery Doctor HD (for iPad), may prolong the life of your battery.  The science is out as to whether it really works or not, but I can tell you that this app offers you a clear display showing your re-charging progress and is organized in a way to keep from overcharging.   FYI – there are a number of apps titled Battery Doctor.  Be sure to check the icon to ensure you are getting this app.  Continue reading “Keep Your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad Healthy with Battery Doctor”

Spider Solitaire by Finger Arts

Total Score:  28.5

I thoroughly enjoy card games on my iPad and iPhone.  I’ve played the standard solitaire for years and took a chance and tried this Spider Solitaire app on both my iPhone and iPad.   There is a fair amount of strategy to the game and I find this to be my go-to game when I need to decompress.  Basically, for this game all the cards are spades and you create king to ace spreads to move them off the board and into the top section.  It sounds easy – and it can be – but only if the cards land well. Continue reading “Spider Solitaire by Finger Arts”

How to Stop Requests to Join an Unknown WI-FI


It is not always safe to accept an invitation to join someone’s WI-FI network.  You have two options – just say no when it asks you or follow the steps below to stop the invitations.  Continue reading “How to Stop Requests to Join an Unknown WI-FI”

Create Collages and Slide Shows With Photo Table

Total Score:  28.5

One of the delights of having an iPhone or iPad is taking and sharing photos.  You can go through your Photos app to display them, or you can spice up the process by creating photo albums, collages and slide shows using Photo Table.  The process is easy and once you get started, it is a bit addictive.


Continue reading “Create Collages and Slide Shows With Photo Table”

You Have the Perfect Seat With the Orchestra App

Total Score: 29.5

Orchestra by Touch Press is an impressive view of what is possible on an iPad.  On the other hand, maybe it is even beyond what I could have imagined as possible.  It is part theatrical performance, part text, part commentary with music, part musical score and part visual aid showing how musicians combine their talents to play classics.  Most of all it is impressive.  Continue reading “You Have the Perfect Seat With the Orchestra App”