Learn, Read and Enjoy War Horse

Total Score: 30

War Horse delivers on so many levels.  If you love history, you will find a WWI timeline, historical photos, artifacts, letters and films.  You’ll also see insights from various experts on WWI including ones from Flanders Field Museum,  the National Army Museum (London), The National World War I Museum at Liberty Memorial (Kansas City), the grandson of General Jack Seely, and from the Chief Executive of the Brooke (an international charity for the welfare of working equines).   If you love performance, you will find heart-wrenching performances of poems like The Charge of The Light Brigade or Dulce et Decorum Est.  The most standout performance is the author performing an edited version of the story with musicians John Tams and Barry Coope.   In addition, but certainly the cornerstone of the app, you can read the illustrated novel or listen to Michael Morpurgo’s reading.   It is almost hard to imagine all of this in one app. Continue reading “Learn, Read and Enjoy War Horse”

Listen on the Go with the Lisgo Text to Voice Reader for Web News

Total Score:  29.5

There is nothing I enjoy more than having someone read to me.  I love audio books and now can enjoy a similar experience with articles I’ve selected from the internet or news aggregators like Zite or Flipboard.  You get all of that with Lisgo Text to Speech Voice Reader for Web News.   There is also an iPad version. Continue reading “Listen on the Go with the Lisgo Text to Voice Reader for Web News”