Learn a New Language with Spanish – Speak and Learn Pro

Total Score:  29.5

People learn in different ways.  Some need to see what they are learning.   Some need to hear someone explain what they need to learn and some need to touch, or experience the new information.  Happily, Spanish – Speak and Learn Pro does all three.  I took Spanish in college but am far from fluent.  This app combines the fun of a game with repetitive learning.  I actually look forward to my language lessons.  I think you will too.    I didn’t test the Spanish Kids – Speak and Learn.  If your intention is to help your children learn Spanish you might want to start with that version.   Continue reading “Learn a New Language with Spanish – Speak and Learn Pro”

Get Fit With Nike Training Club

Total Score:  26

It is important to balance cardio and strength workouts and Nike’s Training Club helps support your goals.  It is not always possible to have a personal trainer, but with this app, you have training tips at your fingertips.  The app allows you to be in charge of the time you spend, the level of expertise and which goal you want to reach.  While the app is targeted to women and all the videos are of women doing the exercises, there were comments from men who used the app saying it was valuable. Continue reading “Get Fit With Nike Training Club”

Explore the World with National Geographic World Altas HD

Total Score: 28

I admit it.  I am a map geek.  I love printed maps, digital maps, old atlases, new atlases, globes and now this new National Geographic World Atlas HD app.  It is important to know and understand world geography.  We hear about locations on the news and without understanding the location, we cannot understand the story.  This is a marvelous tool to help you place where you are and where events are happening in the world.


Continue reading “Explore the World with National Geographic World Altas HD”

The LinkedIn App Makes Professional Networking A Snap

Total Score:  28

LinkedIn is a business-networking site and this review is not about the value of LinkedIn as a networking took, but for LinkedIn the app for iPad or iPhone.  However, if you are one of the 100 million users, you will find the LinkedIn app essential.  Not only does it make it easy to check in and update on the go, but also it has a lovely user interface that will make you want to check in even more often. Continue reading “The LinkedIn App Makes Professional Networking A Snap”