Relax and Play Solitaire

Total Score:  30

I’ve been playing solitaire since I was a child. It has a Zen like effect on me.  I am soothed by the dealing and playing of cards.  Solitaire was one of the first games (and actually one of the few) that I downloaded on my iPhone and iPad.   So, I’ve been happily playing for years and why switch to a new app?  I’ll have to say that this particular version of Solitaire is appealing because it is graphically rich, has plenty of options to make games easier or harder and, perhaps most of all, while it does have ads they don’t interfere with the game. 

Price Rating = 5      Free.  There are ads, but they do not get in the way.  If you want an ad free version, it is only 99 cents.

Ease of Use Rating = 5     The graphics are clear and it is easy and fun to move the cards around.

 Readability Rating = 5     Large size font.  The settings screen is nice and big.   Everything is smaller on the iPhone, but plenty big enough to read.

 Will You Use It Rating = 5     Playing solitaire is a pleasant way to fill downtime and helps keep your mind sharp.

 Downsides Rating = 0     I have not found any issues that would detract from game playing.

Consumer Review Rating = 5     With 14,000 reviews, the average rating was five stars.  It’s not easy to get 14,000 people to agree on an app. I’m impressed.

Why Do You Need This App Rating = 5     We all need ways to separate ourselves from pressure and to unclutter our minds.  This game is a good way to do that.

How does it work? 

This app offers you many options.

  1. You should probably start by setting your options.  This app has sound effects and applause.  You can adjust the volume, but personally, I turn them off.  I like to play quietly and not disturb people around me. Having said that my preference is to have the sound off, you might find that the sounds improve your enjoyment of the game.  You can even play your own music and the app will automatically mute all sounds.  That is a nice feature.
  2. You can turn the timer off and on.  You can set the controls to be either right or left-handed.  You can control the status bar and UI brightness.  The feature you might find the most fun – or not – is “card bouncing.”  I prefer the cards to not bounce, but it is a feature you should try.
  3. Once you have the options set, you can start to play.  You can decide to play an easy, medium or hard game.  Easy and Medium games are always winnable.  Hard games may or may not be.
  4. You can draw one or three cards.
  5. When playing, tapping on the cards on the left at the bottom of the screen allows you to undo a move.   Tapping on the cards on the right provides you with hints.
  6. A caution symbol with an exclamation in the middle is the signal there are no cards in the deck to be played.  You can undo moves and try new things, but generally, the game is over for you.
  7. I particularly like the “stats” feature.   It gives you a complete rundown on what you have done.  It tells you your best score, the number of games you have played, how many times you have won and your total playtime.  And, that’s not all.  It then breaks it down by Draw One games, and then Easy to Hard.  And, of course, Draw Three games ranked Easy to Hard.  For those of you who love statistics, this game really delivers.
  8. Other apps may have more options for the backs if that is important to you.    Just some simple color changes and color of felt met my needs nicely.

This game has a lot of sparkle and pop and I think you will enjoy downloading and playing this app.  I have already devoted almost two hours to testing – and I have to be honest, it was not really necessary that I invest that much time.  I am hooked!

Devices:  This app can be used on either the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.  It requires iOS 4.2.1 or later.  App developed by Finger Arts.

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