Save Money With the Apps Gone Free App

Total Score:  29

I don’t mind paying for an app if it makes my life easier or is just fun to use.  However, I really like getting a deal. Many developers allow their apps to be free or at reduced cost for short amounts of time.  Finding them would just be luck if not for apps like Apps Gone Free.  I don’t download a new app every day, but usually three to four times a week.  I doubt you want that many apps, but my job (and my passion) is testing apps.  Apps Gone Free has helped me discover some really great apps.  I suggest you give it a try.  Continue reading “Save Money With the Apps Gone Free App”

How to Save an iPhone or iPad Screen Shot


HelpHow many times have you wanted to save something on your screen to look at later, or perhaps to send to someone?  It just happened to me the other day.  My husband asked where I was going for a meeting and I sent him a screen shot of the map.  How did I do that? Follow these very simple steps.


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How to Attach Photos to a Facebook Post

HelpYou have mastered Facebook and you comment often, but are your comments missing something?  Wouldn’t they be better if you could attach a photo to show what a great time you are having at that concert or the beautiful new shoes you bought?  Of course, they would.  Follow these easy steps.


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How to Block Your Caller ID When Calling Others

HelpMost of the time you want others to see your phone number when you call.  But, there may be times when this isn’t the best idea.  An example could be when you are making phone bank calls for a political candidate.  You don’t necessarily want people calling you back.


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Bluegrass Festival Logistics Made Easy with The MACC (Musicians Against Childhood Cancer) App

Total Score:  29

I attended my first MACC (Musicians Against Childhood Cancer) bluegrass festival last year and used the app every day of the festival. The MACC app is a festival goer’s dream come true. It’s a pleasantly green alternative to a printed schedule.  All of the information you need (and a lot more) is available in the app.  The event is coming up this July and has the schedules loaded and a whole lot more.  There is also an iPad vesion.

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Get your News and Hangman Too!

Total Score:  29

I’ve mentioned on the blog that I’m not a huge fan of games on the iPhone.  I do love solitaire and decided to try another game by the same developer of my recent solitaire game review.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Hangman is just as addictive and plenty of fun.   It has a new twist on this old game – the word you try to find is one pulled from an RSS feed of current news.  If you are a news junkie you should be a whiz at this game!    Continue reading “Get your News and Hangman Too!”

Relax and Play Solitaire

Total Score:  30

I’ve been playing solitaire since I was a child. It has a Zen like effect on me.  I am soothed by the dealing and playing of cards.  Solitaire was one of the first games (and actually one of the few) that I downloaded on my iPhone and iPad.   So, I’ve been happily playing for years and why switch to a new app?  I’ll have to say that this particular version of Solitaire is appealing because it is graphically rich, has plenty of options to make games easier or harder and, perhaps most of all, while it does have ads they don’t interfere with the game.  Continue reading “Relax and Play Solitaire”

Always Know the Weather with The Weather Channel App

Total Score: 29

I love, love, love having weather apps on my iPhone and iPad.  I have written about a number of them, and found another great option. The Weather Channel offers a beautiful display with all the information you need readily available for both the iPad and iPhone.  The iPad version is more full featured, but both versions work well.    Continue reading “Always Know the Weather with The Weather Channel App”