Helpful Medical Apps – Which One Is Right For You?

Last week I started thinking about Mother’s Day and how apps can make a mother’s life easier.  We are juggling multiple schedules, multiple to do lists and trying to keep family life smooth.  I am going to do a series of articles about how apps can make your life a little less complicated.   I will start with ones related to medicine, doctors and medical health.

First, it is a good idea to take a photo of all of your health cards and keep them on your iPhone.  That way, you will never be caught without needed paperwork.  This app, of course, comes with your phone.

It may be obvious since it comes with every iPhone, but put your doctor’s names into your contact list.  Again, having them easily at hand can make emergencies a little less stressful.

 WebMD is a great app to use when you are checking out symptoms. It is available on both the iPhone and iPad.


Having a pharmacy app is also a good idea.  I identified two – Walgreens and CVS, but there is an app for just about every pharmacy.  Ask your pharmacist if there is one available for you.

Organizing all of your medical information is also important.  I find My Medical App or iPhone and iPad to be a good choice for keeping track of my appointments, prescriptions and tests.


Red Laser is an unusual one for this category, but it can help you identify food allergens, so it clearly has a medical benefit.

 Some people need to monitor their blood pressure, and iBP Blood Pressure for iPhone and iPad organizes the data for you.

RXmindME Prescription is one that I haven’t reviewed in detail, but it looks like a good option to remind you what pills to take and when to take them.  The reviews for this app are excellent.

 There are apps to help you if you have specific condition, like Diabetes.  I have not reviewed it, but Glucose Buddy – Diabetes Helper is well rated by users.


Important Warning – If you put personal information about your medical health and benefits on your iPhone, then you should certainly create a screen pass code lock to ensure that someone casually picking up your phone could not easily get to your information.

You should probably chat with your doctors about apps that can be of help.  I know my doctor uses and recommends apps.  What is your favorite medical app?

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