Remember The Milk and a Whole Lot More

Total Score: 28

I have used a number of the reminder type apps and up until now haven’t found one that meets all of my needs. This app may be the one I have been searching for.  I’ll go into all the details below, but Remember the Milk has a couple of things that I like.  I know it may be shallow, but I like my reminder app to be attractive – and this one is.  You can easily organize your tasks by day, week month and not just one list.   I suppose it’s not important, but I love the icon! Continue reading “Remember The Milk and a Whole Lot More”

Celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge with GG Bridge App

Total Score:  30

For anyone who has seen the majesty of the Golden Gate Bridge, or wants to, this book app, GG Bridge, is a must have.  The actual title of the book, not used on iTunes, is “A Wild Flight of the Imagination.” The app includes photos, architectural drawings, maps, music, historical recordings, a short film and more.  The bridge opened for pedestrians on May 27, 1937 and for vehicular traffic on May 28, 1937. Happy Anniversary Golden Gate Bridge! Continue reading “Celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge with GG Bridge App”

Improve Your Grammar with the Grammar Girl App

Total Score: 27

There is an app for every interest, skill or hobby.  This app, Grammar Girl, for iPhone and iPad appeals on many levels.  It is an excellent source for reminding you about (or teaching you) grammar rules.  It can be humorous,  surprising, but it is always entertaining. I admit to being a fan of Grammar Girl, Mignon Fogarty, and having used her as a source to settle arguments between fellow editors. With this app, you can listen to podcasts, follow her on Facebook or Twitter, or visit her website in one nicely organized package.  Continue reading “Improve Your Grammar with the Grammar Girl App”

Helpful Medical Apps – Which One Is Right For You?

Last week I started thinking about Mother’s Day and how apps can make a mother’s life easier.  We are juggling multiple schedules, multiple to do lists and trying to keep family life smooth.  I am going to do a series of articles about how apps can make your life a little less complicated.   I will start with ones related to medicine, doctors and medical health. Continue reading “Helpful Medical Apps – Which One Is Right For You?”

Timeline World War 2 with Robert MacNeil – Read, Learn, Enjoy

Total Score:  28.5

As I have mentioned before there is an app for every interest and hobby. One of my interests is World War II history. My father and his two brothers were at Normandy and my father-in-law was in the Philippines on Pearl Harbor Day and was later captured by the Japanese. For both my fathers the outcome was a long, happy life, but this was a defining time for their generation and one that I completely admire. It was with great anticipation that I started reviewing this app. After watching the intro by Robert MacNeil all I could say was wow! Timeline WW2 is packed with information and features and has been a joy to explore. Continue reading “Timeline World War 2 with Robert MacNeil – Read, Learn, Enjoy”

Leonardo da Vinci: Anatomy For iPad – The Master’s work and a Masterpiece App

Total Score:   29.5

I am dazzled by Leonard da Vinci: Anatomy, and it’s hard to pick out just what feature is the most impressive.  There are 268 of da Vinci’s drawings.   You can pinch and zoom in to see amazing detail.   In addition, there are eleven (short) chapters of information corresponding to each drawing, including background of what was the conventional thinking at the time and how Leonardo understood the truth and occasionally how he was influenced by his contemporaries.   There are interviews by the curator of the drawings and historians and scientists. You can interact with the 3-D images that correspond with the drawings.  This book works as a history book, an art book, a study of anatomy and most certainly, as a spectacular iPad book. Continue reading “Leonardo da Vinci: Anatomy For iPad – The Master’s work and a Masterpiece App”

Home Décor On Your iPad With Lowe’s and Home Depot Apps

Total Score:   29

  Would you like to give your home a new look?  Do you buy home decorating magazines to spark ideas?  If the answer to either question is yes, then you will enjoy both the Home Depot Style Guide and Lowe’s Creative Ideas apps.  Yes, Lowes and Home Depot are trying to sell you something.  But is that a bad thing?  Most do it yourself types already shop at one or both of these stores.   I recommend getting both.  Each offer great ideas for your home and there is no such thing as too much inspiration. Continue reading “Home Décor On Your iPad With Lowe’s and Home Depot Apps”