Bluetooth Bracelet Lets You Know When Calls Come In

Total Score:  22.5

I don’t know about you, but I miss calls because I am in a noisy place and my phone is in my purse.  As I go into business meetings I usually keep my phone on vibrate and then forget about turning it back on – again a recipe for missing a call.  With this new fashion bracelet by Chinavision, that problem is solved.  I’ve been wearing it for a week and find it both comfortable and helpful. 

  Price Rating = 4     The cost is $27.72 direct from China Vision or $41.99 from Amazon.  It’s not that expensive for something that also serves as a watch.

Ease of Use Rating = 5     It was easy to pair it with my phone and initiate the few basic settings.

 Readability Rating = 4.5     The time shows in a nice large font.    The phone number is a smaller, but readable font.

Will You Use It Rating = 5     It’s a must for me.

 Downsides Rating  = -1     I haven’t figured out how to change it to a 12 hour clock rather than military time.  On the positive side, I am learning to read a 24-hour clock.

  Consumer Review Rating –  0     I couldn’t find any reviews to reference.  I found the device in a gadget article.

  Why Do You Need This Accessory Rating = 5     It keeps you from missing calls and keeps track of your phone.

How does it work? 

  1. When you receive your watch, you charge it for three hours before its first use.  It comes with a charger that clips on to the phone.  It does have both a 110 and 240-volt connection.
  2. Once charged, you pair it with your phone.  It’s pretty much the standard procedure for pairing any Bluetooth device.  The bracelet searches – and finds – your iPhone.
  3. There are only two buttons on the phone.  The first button, referred to as “A”, is used to set the time.
  4. Clicking either button shows the time.  It does not stay on – you have to click it to see the time.
  5. The bracelet vibrates when a call comes in.  You push the B button three times to reject the call. Or, find your phone and answer it.
  6. It also has a proximity sensor.  It says it is 20 meters (approximately 65 feet) but I found that it varied based on the strength of the signal.  If the bracelet and your phone are separated by a significant space, it vibrates.  Sometimes it vibrated closer than 65 feet.  This is handy if you occasionally leave your phone somewhere or, in a worse-case scenario, if someone steals your phone.
  7. Like all electronic devices, the screen is not as clear when you are in direct sunlight.  But it still functions.
  8. It comes in black and white and black and bronze.

The bracelet is semi-rigid and says it is for petite women.  I am not particularly petite, but I do have small wrists.  It was easy for me to put on and take off.   The interior is about six and ½ inches and the opening stretches to about one and ½ inches.

The day I ordered, I could not find a distributor in the U.S., but the ordering process through Chinavision was easy and it was shipped as promised.    I have since found other sites, but in most cases their prices were higher.

It is compatible with V1.1, V1.2 and V2.1 Bluetooth devices.  (Note:  I am testing, but it doesn’t appear to work with my new iPhone 5 with iOS6.


6 thoughts on “Bluetooth Bracelet Lets You Know When Calls Come In”

    1. I don’t have a 4S, but sadly, it doesn’t seem to be working with my iPhone 5 (with iOS6). I’m going to let it rest and try it again, but it doesn’t look good.

  1. I just got this from and it paired instantly with my iPhone 5. I wish there were a way to change it from military time and to keep the time visible all the time, but all in all it’s a really neat device.

  2. I bet I didn’t charge it enough. When you just get one you need to charge it for three hours. I hadn’t used mine for a while and I bet it needed a really long charge. Thanks for letting me know it worked for you.

    I tried it again with a full charge. The watch function still works, but it won’t sync with my iPhone 5. Either they have introduced a new version, which is entirely possible, or I have some setting blocking the sync.

  3. i have problem to paired it to my iPhone 5s , its shows in the bluetooth searching , but when i selected it its said ( pairing UNSUCCESSFUL , make sure ” bracelet” is turned on , in range , and is ready to pair ) so please i need help on that .

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