Walmart’s App Offers you Savings Opportunities

Total Score:  28.5

  The Walmart iPad and iPhone app are helpful additions if you are a Walmart shopper.  They provide you the opportunity to browse what’s available online, and then check to see if it is in your local store.  It’s a full featured app that allows you to create grocery lists, order prescriptions and generally explore their stores.

Price Rating = 5     Free.  Of course it’s free, they make money when you shop.

Ease of Use Rating = 5     It was easy to move around in the app.  I could search easily and there are a lot of product images to support the search results.

 Readability Rating = 4.5     In this case, I find the iPhone font more readable.  It has black text on a white background and the font size is good.  The iPad version has light blue text on dark blue and I find it harder to read, which is unexpected in an iPad app.

 Will You Use It Rating = 5     If you are a Walmart shopper, you’ll find this app helpful on both the iPhone and iPad platform.  As I explored the app I found more and more options that made it likely I would use it.

 Downsides Rating = 0     I didn’t take any points off for this, but I do have a suggestion –  allow the user to tap any image and be taken to the product.  With today’s technology, without that feature you are just missing a sales opportunity.

   Consumer Review Rating = 4    The iPad version has over 2,300 reviews and they are very positive.  The average rating is 4.5 stars.   The iPhone version had 47,000 ratings and only 3 stars.  I averaged the two and decided to go with with a rating of four as an average.

 Why Do You Need This App Rating = 5     I am not a regular Walmart shopper, but included this review in with a batch of other shopping apps.   As I explored, I found good functionality that would make me want to have this app.

How does it work? 

  1. The Walmart iPad app is designed to work in landscape.  Learning from other shopping apps, I set My Store first.  It drives the choices you see – and those choices are designed to give you the best experience.   I would set the “my store” option in the iPhone version as well.  It works only in portrait.
  2. The home screen  offers you a choice of a search, browse my store or see rollback savings.  On the left side of the screen you can see items by different departments.   On the iPhone, there are tabs at the bottom  – Shop, Cart, Stores and More.
  3. If you choose a clearance item, you have an option of online, my store or all.  If you choose, my store, you get a list of all clearance items.  You can further refine that by brand, color, customer rating, or specific departments.  Browsing through this app is easy.  You can select just want you want or select a broad category and then filter it to fit your needs.
  4. Adding something to the cart is as easy as clicking on it.  On the iPad you get the pleasure of seeing it move to the cart.  In order to check out of the cart you need to have an account.  You can also track your orders through the app.
  5. You can see consumer reviews of products, which is always a good feature.
  6. You can order online and arrange a store pick-up.  I’ve used this feature with other stores and like it.
  7. Walmart Pharmacies have some good deals on prescriptions.  You can use the app to refill, view history and just to browse for $4 prescriptions. Another handy feature.
  8. There are some features on the iPhone version that really wowed me.  There is a voice recognition system that allows you to speak your grocery list and it creates a list and tells you the section of the store to find your item.  In addition, if there is a special associated with your item, it lets you know about it.  This has to be the future of grocery shopping.  It is not perfect.  A few times it didn’t recognize my product name, but it was reliable 90% of the time.
  9. The other new feature is bar code scanning.  If you scan a product it will show up on your list with an image and a cost.  This could allow you to budget more carefully – or compare Walmart prices to your local store.

Like many company-based apps, your enjoyment and use of the app depends on your knowledge about  the store and your desire to shop.  This app seems like a good complement to the store shopping experience.  I have to admit, I may just use this app to create my grocery lists – whether I shop at Walmart or not.  Who knows, this functionality may push me their store.   As it sometimes happens, I start out a review of an app feeling a little ambivalent.   The functionality of the iPhone version won me over to being a fan of this app.

Devices:  This app is compatible with the iPad, iPhone and iTouch. It requires iOS 4.0 or later.  This app was developed by the Walmart Stores, Inc.


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    1. Yes, it requires either a connection – either your plan, or Walmart’s. I don’t believe they have WIFI in all of the stores, but I could be wrong. You need a connection so you can see the daily deals and it can recommend the closest store.

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