Top 10 Apps – Ones I Can’t Live Without

In order to make this list the app has to be part of my daily life – if not used every day, then ones that could come up any day.  Here’s my favs.

 Kindle – I read a lot, and Kindle is my go-to reading app.

  Facebook &    Twitter – social media is only valuable if it is available – these two apps make that happen.

   TV Guide -I admit, I watch a fair amount of TV and this app takes the place of any written guide.



  The Shine is a new edition to my top 10 list and it means I had to buy a separate device.  But, It is one I won’t do without now.  And yes, I do calibrate my movement with both the and Nike+.  What can I say, I like to keep track of stats.

    MyFitnessPal – an excellent food and exercise tracker


News logoNews (comes automatically with each iPhone) and

  Flipboard  are my favorite news mash-up apps.   I read each of these every morning.

   Nike+ GPS – This app captures my walks and encourages me to do more.  Okay, maybe I don’t use this one every day – but I do try.

 Use Your Handwriting – This is still a favorite, but not one I use every day.

There are a lot of apps that I use regularly, but the ones above make my daily list.  What are your favorite apps?

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