TED – Ideas Worth Spreading

Total Score:  28.5

Looking for inspiration?  TED provides you with on demand short videos by the best thinkers in the world.  Whether your interest is education, architecture, green living, technology or global issues, you’ll find the information you need.  These videos were shot at the one of the annual TED conferences.  There is an archive of all the talks to date and as new conferences convene, a constant supply of new material.   Rather than watching the latest rerun of Family Guy – spend some quality time with TED. Continue reading “TED – Ideas Worth Spreading”

Movie and Television Info at Your Fingertips with IMDb

Total Score:  28

The IMDb app is a must have for TV and movie fans.  It is your one stop source for information about actors and their roles.  It provides you with a treasure trove of information as you are watching.  Example: What other movies did Joseph Mazzello (Marine Eugene Sledge) of The Pacific appear in?   Answer:  He was Tim Murphy (John Hammond’s grandson) in Jurassic Park.  You can even watch movie trailers.  What’s not to like? Continue reading “Movie and Television Info at Your Fingertips with IMDb”

Six of My Favorite iPad eBook Apps

These seven apps are books that are more than books – they are currently called enhanced eBooks.  What is an enhanced book?   You’ll find photos, maps, video and each are an invitation for you to take an active role in listening, reading and choosing your content.  If you want to dip your toes into this new and exciting world of reading, here’s a few suggestions.  (I originally wrote this article back in January and updated it in July to add Bats! Furry Fliers of the Night.)

Here are a few suggestions to get you started.  Continue reading “Six of My Favorite iPad eBook Apps”

Dress Up Your iPhone, iPad or iTouch with Button Stickers

Total Score: 23

  I spend an inordinate amount of time making sure my iPhone looks good.  I change the covers regularly – sometimes to match my mood and sometimes to match my clothing.  Imagine my delight when I received as a gift multiple packs of “My Colors” button stickers. Continue reading “Dress Up Your iPhone, iPad or iTouch with Button Stickers”