iBend – a Stand Designed for Mobility

Total Score: 25

There are a lot of device stands on the market.  Many iPad cases are designed to allow your device to be upright for viewing or presentations.  But, what if you don’t want a bulky case or stand.  What are your options?  One option is the iBend XL for iPads or iBend for iPhone or iTouch.  They are thin enough to be stored in your purse or portfolio and are priced low enough to make them a very viable option.

    Price Rating = 4     $7.95 – $11.95.  The price is reasonable for the product.  In the iPhone version you get two stands for the price. (One for you and one to share.)

It is bendable plastic.  The design is so simple that you might be fooled into thinking you could make one yourself.  But, could you go to the store, buy bendable plastic, create a form and cut it out for less than $11.95 in time and materials?  I don’t think so.

Ease of Use Rating = 4     Very easy if the devices don’t have covers or have thin covers.  It takes a little positioning if covers are thicker.

 Readability Rating = 5     The font on the iBend XL packaging is easy to read and the instructions come with pictures to help you understand how to set your device in the stand.  The font on the iBend version is smaller (reasonably), but the pictures are excellent.  All in all, good packaging

 Will You Use It Rating = 5      Products that are easy to use and are portable always get more usage.  I can see myself using them often.

Downsides Rating =  0     Other than the issue with thick covers already mentioned above, I haven’t discovered any other flaws.

Consumer Review Rating = 3     I could not find consumer reviews outside of the company website.   There were positive comments on app review sites.  I’ll come back and revisit this later with the hope of finding more consumer feedback.

Why Do You Need it Rating = 4     Can you get through life without a portable, easy-to-use stand.  Yes.  But wouldn’t life be easier if you had this option?  I think that’s also a Yes.

How does it work? 

The products are made of bendable plastic and shipped to you flat.  You punch them out and you are ready to go.   I was able to put my iPhone in the stand – even in the Speck cover.  If you have a cover that is thicker (like the Speck Pixel) it still works, it just requires a little more positioning.

The stands come in black, white or colorful prints.  I can easily imagine carrying the iPhone version in my purse so that I always have a stand ready.  The larger, iPad version, as I mentioned before, will easily be stored in a notebook or portfolio ready for use.  They would be particularly handy when traveling.

As I have been working on this article I have bumped it, moved it around, plugged in the power cord and generally tried to get it to fail.  It stood strong against my efforts.  When plugged in the phone does slowly move based on the gravity exerted from the plug. That’s not a flaw in the product – just science at work.

There is a video on the iBend website to show you exactly how this product works.  I included some of my own photos to give you a real life feel.



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