iBP Blood Pressure – Chart Your Way to Good Health

Total Score:  28.5

 Monitoring blood pressure is one of the most basic of medical tests, and one we can do ourselves.  Many people keep a paper log of their daily blood pressure to share with their doctor.   Paper is sufficient, but then you have to remember to bring your log to your appointment.  An alternative is to log your pressure on your iPhone or iPad and then you’ll be more likely to have the information you need at your appointment.  iBP iPhone (or iBP iPad) does a very good job of organizing the data in chart and graph formats.   I believe you’ll be happy with the app, but you don’t have to listen to me.  You can trust the 2,200 people who gave this app a good rating.

  Price Rating = 5     The cost is $.99.  For anyone who needs to keep track of his or her blood pressure, this is a bargain.  The entry is easy and the graphics are rich.

Ease of Use Rating = 5    It is easy to enter information.  It is as simple as setting a dial.

Readability Rating = 5     The iPad’s full screen gives you good readability and the iPhone/iPod version has clear screens and reasonable size fonts.  The iPad version definitely gives you the best experience.

 Will You Use It Rating = 4     This is a valuable app that offers you the opportunity to easily capture your blood pressure readings to send to your doctor, or have handy at appointments.

 Downsides Rating =  0     I haven’t really found one yet.

Consumer Review Rating = 4.5    There are over 2,200 reviews.  The last 500+ have rated this app with five stars.  As you know, the consumer audience is tough on apps.  Having a high rating by consumers speaks a lot for the quality of the iBP.

 Why Do You Need This App Rating = 5    There are risks involved with both high and low blood pressure.  Tracking blood pressure can be a step towards good health.

How does it work? 

  1. When you open the app for the first time, the summary screen will be blank.  After you enter data, it will show a summary of your last 10 readings.  You can see, at a glance, how you are doing.
  2. From the opening screen, you can click on “add reading.”  At that point, you can accept or change the date, add a note, and then using the dial, set your systolic pressure, diastolic pressure, pulse and weight.  As you set your pressures, dots below the column indicate whether your pressure is high (red), above normal (yellow) or in the normal range (green.)
  3.  Also from the main screen you could choose, “main view” which takes you to the list of pressure readings.  At that point, you can click on the plus symbol at the top right hand corner and add a reading.
  4. Once you have your reading(s) you can click on the graph icon to see your readings graphed on a line graph. You’ll notice at the bottom of the graph that there are three pages of graphs. Swiping right or left will take you to the additional graphs or tables. You can set the display to show data by weekly, monthly, three months or year.
  5. While looking at any graph you can click the camera icon and the image will be saved to your camera roll.  You could choose to send that image to your doctor.
  6. You can click on the envelope icon and send the data you have collected to either you or your doctor – or both.   You can choose the format and the period of readings to send – one week, one month, three months, etc.   You can include your weight chart if you choose and add a note.
  7. There is an option to add other users.  There is a primary user and then you just click on the plus icon at the top of the screen and add as many users as you like.
  8. Privacy is important.  You can add a password to protect the data.
  9. With critical data like this, it is always a good idea to back up your data – especially before a new iOS update.   There are a couple of options for you – either a CSV transfer or iTunes file sharing.   You can also import data.  The iBP’s support site has information on how to do that.
  10. You can transfer the data from one device to another.  Instructions are provided in the app.

Normally I try to come up suggested improvements for the app.  Right now, I can’t think of one.  I think it is instructive that the user community is so positive about the app.  There are many so-so apps out there.  Clearly, this one has made it to the top by providing a quality product at a reasonable price.

Devices:  This app is available for the iPad, iPhone and iPad Touch.  Both require iOS 3.1.2 or later.  App developed by Leading Edge Apps, LLC.




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