iVisor AG – Install an iPad Screen Protector in Minutes

Total Score:  30

The image on an iPad is spectacular.  The glass screen allows all the colors to shine through in their full glory.  However, I worry about scratches and after a while decided I need a screen protector.

I spent quite a bit of time researching my options, reading user opinions and watching YouTube Videos.  In the end, I decided the iVisor AG was a good fit for me.  The installation appeared practically fool-proof and the users rated the product with five stars.  It was a little more expensive than others, but the payoff seemed worth it.  Update:  I’ve had the iVisor on my iPad for almost two years.  I still think it’s the best screen protector I’ve found.  The company no longer makes it for the iPad 2, but if you would like to try one for newer iPads, here’s a link.

Price Rating = 5      $29.95 (on Amazon) This screen protector is on the high side of the scale for this type of product.  But, I read a number of reviews from people who said they bought a two- or three-pack and ruined one (or two) trying to get it right.  The old adage, “You get what you pay for” applies here.

Ease of Use Rating = 5      It couldn’t be any easier to install.

 Readability Rating = 5      The font on the packaging instructions is a reasonable size and illustrations are provided to help you understand the process.  I would like to have seen a larger font, but they make good use of the space and have instructions in Spanish and French.

 Will You Use It Rating = 5     Any product with this ease of use and function will be used.

 Downsides Rating =  0    You lose a very little of the punch of the color, but more than make up with it by reducing glare.

  Consumer Review Rating = 5      Out of 43 ratings on Amazon, 41 gave this product 5 stars.

 Why Do You Need It Rating = 5     Let’s face it, an iPad is expensive. Giving the screen the best possible protection is very important.   

How does it work? 

I’ve had it installed several weeks now and I am very impressed.  The installation was, as promised, quite easy.  No bubbles appeared on the screen. In fact, the product comes with a “no bubble” guarantee.  And, if I wanted to, it can be peeled off, washed and reinstalled easily.

With the glass screen I was constantly using a micro-fiber cloth to clean off the surface.  With this new protector there are far fewer smudges. Perhaps the most important issue is feel.  Running your finger over the glass panel of the iPad was a very positive experience.  It’s not the same, but the movement side to side and through the apps is still very, very good.

It does have a matte finish which takes away a small degree of the punch of color that the glass screen offers.   But, to counter that, it also offers protection from screen glare in the direct sunlight.  I just tested the Kindle (known for its usability in the sun) versus the iPad in full sun.  The Kindle still wins (sorry) but I could have easily sat out in the sun and read the iPad.  There was no glare and reflections were dramatically minimized.

You can order it in white or black.  You could install a white one on your black iPad to convert your look to a white iPad. Or turn your white iPad, temporarily, into a black one.  Okay, it doesn’t completely convert, because the buttons are still the color of the original device, but it does give you a cool way to change-up your iPad.

As I’ve used the iPad with this screen protector I found another positive.  The glass without the screen protector seemed to be a dust magnet.  When I removed the cover I was shocked to see how much lint had accumulated.  I took the cover off today and saw practically no lint.  Must be something in the science of the design that allows it to reduce the attraction.  Whatever the cause, it is another reason to like this product.

I give this one a big thumbs up.  It was worth the money and I’m now a new fan of iVisor.

Have you tried this product or do you have a favorite screen protector?


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