Word Warp – Play a Game and Keep Your Brain Fit

Total Score:  27

   Games can fill in time, challenge or frustrate you.   Word Warp and Word Warp Extreme for iPhone or iPad can do all three.  The game gives you six  letters to create three- to six-letter words.  Sounds easy, right?  Sometimes yes, sometimes no.   You work against the clock and that pressure adds to the fun.

 Price Rating = 5     .99 cents.  There is also a free version.

Ease of Use Rating = 5     The graphics are clear and easy to use.

Readability Rating = 4      Reasonable size font.

Will You Use It Rating = 5     It is a little bit addictive.  Once you complete one game you are challenged to do another.

 Downsides Rating =  -1  I see ads between games on Word Warp Extreme (on my iPad).  It’s not a big distraction, but worth mentioning. 

  Consumer Review Rating = 4     With over 3,700 reviews, the average rating was three and one-half stars.

 Why Do You Need This App Rating = 5  One of the ways to keep your mind sharp is to play word games.  This game challenges your language abilities.

How does it work? 

  1. There are six empty squares or circles.  Your task is to take the six letters and make words.  The words will be at least three letters and can go up to six letters.
  2. As you select each letter it will appear in the square/circle.
  3. When you are finished entering letters you hit “Got it.”  If your word is correct, it will appear in the puzzle.
  4. If you are stuck, you can click “Warp” and the letters will rearrange and perhaps spark an idea in your mind.
  5. You can click “Last” to have the last word you typed appear in the squares/circles.  This can be helpful when creating plurals of your words.
  6. You can click “End” if you want to abandon the game.
  7. You can click the time to stop it.  Then you click “resume” to restart the game.
  8. The small letter “I” at the top right hand of the screen (with Word Warp) allows you to adjust settings.    In Word Warp Extreme you have to pause or end the game and click “Settings” to adjust the controls.  You can change the background in Word Warp. I haven’t found a way to change them in Word Warp Extreme.
  9. You can turn the sound off.  I find it distracting.  You may not.
  10. When you complete a game successfully by creating at least one word using all six letters, you move up to harder games and potentially earn more points.   If you don’t create a six-letter word, you are offered another game that will give you an opportunity to meet that challenge.
  11. When the time runs out (if you are playing in a timed mode) the game shows you all the words that could have been made with those six letters.

You can have minutes – or hours – of fun with this game.

Devices:  This app can be used on either the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.  Word Warp and Word Warp Extreme require iOS 3.0 or later.  App developed by MobilityWare.


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