eReaders – Which Device Gives You Joy?

I am a voracious reader.   I read on my Kindle and then sync the book to my iPhone and iPad to continue.  I have also used a color Nook.  Which device is the best?  Well, a lot depends on what you want.  Here’s a link at an excellent article on the topic by CNET.

Personally, as far as device goes, I probably prefer the Kindle. It’s the most like an actual book experience and is easy on the eyes.   However, I really like being able to sync the book and continuing to read on my iPhone.

The only issue with the Kindle is I keep forgetting I can’t touch the screen to make something happen.  The Nook does give you that capability.

I’m not saying we should abandon the printed book, but electronic reading does give us new options.  What is your favorite device?



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