NBC – News on Your Schedule

Total Score:  25.5

One of the advantages of an iPhone or iPad is its ability to give you information instantly.   With that in mind, a news app is a must-have.   There are plenty of apps to choose from, but NBC News is one of the more popular ones.


Continue reading “NBC – News on Your Schedule”

BMI Calculator – A Weight Management Tool

Total Score:  26

One aspect of managing weight loss is knowing your Body Mass Index.   This is a single function app that provides you clear and concise information. Continue reading “BMI Calculator – A Weight Management Tool”

eReaders – Which Device Gives You Joy?

I am a voracious reader.   I read on my Kindle and then sync the book to my iPhone and iPad to continue.  I have also used a color Nook.  Which device is the best?  Well, a lot depends on what you want.  Here’s a link at an excellent article on the topic by CNET. Continue reading “eReaders – Which Device Gives You Joy?”

Word Warp – Play a Game and Keep Your Brain Fit

Total Score:  27

   Games can fill in time, challenge or frustrate you.   Word Warp and Word Warp Extreme for iPhone or iPad can do all three.  The game gives you six  letters to create three- to six-letter words.  Sounds easy, right?  Sometimes yes, sometimes no.   You work against the clock and that pressure adds to the fun. Continue reading “Word Warp – Play a Game and Keep Your Brain Fit”

Solitaire or Patience – Whichever Name You Use – Great Game

Total Score:  28.5

Solitaire, the game, dates back to the mid-18th century.  With this app we have definitely moved into this century!  You can take the game wherever you go and have something to while away the time as you wait in a doctor’s office or during your commute (if you are on public transportation – don’t play while driving.)  This game is pure enjoyment and just a little bit addictive. Continue reading “Solitaire or Patience – Whichever Name You Use – Great Game”

Kentucky Sports Radio – Basketball, Football and Recruiting News

Total Score:  29.5
KSR LogoKentucky Sports Radio, the largest college sports site in America, allows you to view their articles, podcasts and live blogs on the go.  This app is designed for Kentucky fans.  It is biased – and happily so.  As fans, you’ll keep up with all the latest recruitment news, local events and TV coverage info.  The live blogs are particularly exciting as they bring you into the game experience which is thrilling, serious and occasionally silly.   Just as an example, on signing day 22,000 fans were on the site waiting for the news of our latest recruits.  Kentucky basketball fans are famously passionate and this app is just another way to feed their need for information. Continue reading “Kentucky Sports Radio – Basketball, Football and Recruiting News”

What is your favorite sports related app?

I have my favorite apps and they support my love of my favorite teams.  I wouldn’t have the knowledge to review all the sports apps, but if you send an email to Nancy@appsforgrownups.com I’ll compile your suggestions and post them for others to see.

So, what app makes your sports experience better?