iPhone Covers – Security and Fashion

One of the decisions you need to make when buying an iPhone is what kind of cover to get to protect your phone.   There are many covers that offer adequate to excellent protection and they come in just about every color and style.

I have to admit I am a bit of a fashionista when it comes to iPhone covers.  I have a number of different covers that not only protect my phone, but also add a little style to my life.  Fashion wise, I think everyone needs a black cover.  It is the Little Black Dress of cases.   However, once you have that cover you may find yourself wanting a little bit more.

I currently have a 3GS phone. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the iPhone 5.  I provided an Amazon.com link for each cover below so that you could see the exact covers included in this article.   Many of you will probably have the iPhone 4 model and can find equivalent covers.

Here are a few of my favorites and a few words about why.

Otterbox – I have the Otterbox Defender in pink and black.   It is my go-to cover when I want extra protection.  I have used it when I was on vacation and felt completely comfortable throwing it in various bags.   I have dropped it on a tile floor from about three feet up.  It bounced a couple of times without one spec of damage to the phone.  It is not something I recommend, but I have to admit I did it.  This cover does add bulk to the phone.  Serious protection comes with a little added size. Amazon consumers gave this one four and one-half stars.

Speck – I have five Speck covers.  I like the way the fit around the phone and they come in a number of colors.  I have three of them in the CandyShell style and two in Pixel Skin style.  One of my CandyShell covers has a snowman on it for winter holidays.   The CandyShell style is very sleek and still protective.  It has a nice, small footprint that works well in my life. Amazon consumers gave this style four stars. The Pixel Style is also protective and has a funky look.  It is a little bulkier.  Consumers gave this one four and one-half stars on Amazon.

Innovez – I have one Innovez biodegradable slider case.  It is made of sturdy plastic that enhances the beauty of the phone instead of hiding it.  It protects the corners, looks good and is very lightweight.  I have it in pink but it comes in a variety of colors.  This is a small footprint with good protection.  This model does not have a lot of Amazon reviews.  Only one shows two stars.  I would rate it much higher than that.  I’ve been using it for months and have no complaints.

iFrogz – My original cover was an iFrogz.  I loved the color and style, but found it too light a case for my needs.  I have a tendency to be a little hard on phones and I need additional protection.  It was a great looking case and my husband has used one for two years without any difficulties.  Consumers gave this one three stars.

Incipio – I also have two Incipio Silicrylic cases.  I had three but gave one to my son during a cell phone case emergency.  They are very lightweight and surprisingly (for their weight) protective.  Consumers gave this one four and one-half stars.

I have been tempted to do so, but haven’t yet ordered a case to match my favorite sports team.  There are many available.  I make do with one of the Speck Pixel Skins in my team colors.

I have read reviews about covers that collect lint.  I have not discovered any of the ones mentioned in this article with that flaw.  I have also seen comments about covers sticking to pockets and not sliding out easily.  I haven’t experienced that either.

You can easily buy one cover and it will last for several years.  If possible, be sure to take it out of the box and see how it feels.  Some look great but have very little protection.  Some have a lot of protection but add bulk to your phone.  Take the time to find one that fits your needs.

When I do get that iPhone 5, I’ll be looking at these same companies for new covers.

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